Silicone Hoses

40,000 Silicone Hoses in stock for immediate dispatch !

Over 400 different shapes and sizes !

Choose your silicone hose shape required from our large range of UNIVERSAL RACE PARTS
With BLUE, RED, and BLACK silicone hoses in stock today.
We also produce the largest range of colours made to order (minimum order applies) check our colour section for info.
Choice of:
- Polyester reinforcements 170°C
- Nomex reinforcements 220°C
- FLUOROSILICONE liners for oil


Need something longer, shorter, bigger, smaller etc.. We can help !
From a simple one off bespoke hose to large 100,000 unit order.
Call our helpful and knowledgeable technical sales dept, to discuss your needs.

You will also find most of your questions answered and valuable information on the custom manufacturing section in the home page.

Our silicone hoses can be joined together using our high quality aluminium joiners

Warehouse Warehouse Warehouse
15° Elbow
Silicone Hose 15° Elbow<br>Silicone Hose
11 sizes
30° Elbow
Silicone Hose 30° Elbow<br>Silicone Hose
5 sizes
45° Elbow
Silicone Hose 45° Elbow<br>Silicone Hose
31 sizes
60° Elbow
Silicone Hose 60° Elbow<br>Silicone Hose
11 sizes
90° Elbow
Silicone Hose 90° Elbow<br>Silicone Hose
32 sizes
120° Elbow
Silicone Hose 120° Elbow<br>Silicone Hose
11 sizes
135° Elbow
Silicone Hose 135° Elbow<br>Silicone Hose
23 sizes
180° Elbow
Silicone Hose 180° Elbow<br>Silicone Hose
20 sizes
Straight Reducers
Silicone Hose Straight Reducers<br>Silicone Hose
71 sizes
45° Elbow REDUCER
silicone hose 45° Elbow REDUCER<br>silicone hose
17 sizes
90° Elbow REDUCER
Silicone Transition hose 90° Elbow REDUCER<br>Silicone Transition hose
39 sizes
Silicone J Hose 180° <br> Silicone J Hose
Super-Flex Hose
1 Meter long (3.3 Super-Flex Hose<br>1 Meter long (3.3
13 sizes
1Meter long (3.3ft)
Straight Length Hose 1Meter long (3.3ft)<br>Straight Length Hose
34 sizes
2 Meter long (6.6ft)
Straight Length Hose 2 Meter long (6.6ft)<br>Straight Length Hose
4 sizes
4 Meter long (13ft)
Straight Length Hose 4 Meter long (13ft)<br>Straight Length Hose
3 sizes
Ultra-Flex Hose
750mm Long Ultra-Flex Hose<br> 750mm Long
1ply Silicone Radiator Hose 1ply Silicone Radiator Hose
Silicone Elbows SUPER LONG<br>Silicone Elbows
300mm legs
Flexible Cuffed
Coolant Hoses Flexible Cuffed<br>Coolant Hoses
5 sizes
(straight connectors) COUPLERS<br>(straight connectors)
34 sizes
Hump Hose Connector Hump Hose Connector
13 sizes
Bellow Hump Hose Turboloader<br> Bellow Hump Hose
10 sizes
Bellow Hump Hose Articulated<br> Bellow Hump Hose
4 Sizes
Bellow Hump Hose
300mm 4Humps Turboloader<br> Bellow Hump Hose<br>300mm 4Humps
3 sizes
T Piece
Silicone Hose T Piece<br>Silicone Hose
24 sizes
Y Piece Reducing
Silicone Hose Y Piece Reducing<br>Silicone Hose
3 options
Vacuum Tubing 30m Spools
(Blue, Red or Black) Vacuum Tubing 30m Spools<br>(Blue, Red or Black)
30 meter SPOOL
Vacuum Tubing 5m Coils
(Blue, Red, Black) Vacuum Tubing 5m Coils<br>(Blue, Red, Black)
sold by the 5 METER COIL
DUCTING Cold Air Feed DUCTING Cold Air Feed
Flexible Nitrile
12 sizes
Self Seal Take off
Breather outlet Self Seal Take off<br>Breather outlet
6 options
Air Sensor M10*1.25
Connecting Hose Air Sensor M10*1.25<br>Connecting Hose
5 sizes
Turbo Boost
Brace Bracket Turbo Boost<br>Brace Bracket

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