In this section you will find many very useful parts and components for your silicone or rubber hoses and aluminium pipes.

All made to a very high quality standard, manufactured to our exacting specification these parts are very hard to find, and very handy to have around.

We supply the following:
- Hose blanking plugs,
- Pipe Blanking caps,
- Hose Connectors with threaded section,
- Hose take offs (to match connectors),
- Turbo Blow Off Valves,
- Aluminium Weld-on Boses,
- And our very useful and popular "Self Seal Hose take offs"

and more...
You can also find Aluminium T pieces (in the aluminium pipes section of this site)
Aluminium Weld-On Boses
BARBED Aluminium Weld-On Boses<br>BARBED
Aluminium Weld-On Boses
FEMALE Aluminium Weld-On Boses<br>FEMALE
Aluminium Weld-On Boses
MALE Aluminium Weld-On Boses<br>MALE
Self Seal Take off
for Silicone hoses Self Seal Take off<br>for Silicone hoses
Hose Blanking Plugs Aluminium<br>Hose Blanking Plugs
Blanking CAPS Silicone<br>Blanking CAPS
Hose Connector
MAIN BODY Hose Connector<br>MAIN BODY
Hose Connector
TAKE OFF Hose Connector<br>TAKE OFF
Aluminium Crush Washers Aluminium Crush Washers
Teflon Washers Teflon Washers
Rubber Washers / O Rings Rubber Washers / O Rings
Viton O Rings
AN sizes Viton O Rings<br>AN sizes

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