Car Racing Calendar 2019

Car Racing at Silverstone

A New Year is upon us and that means one thing a new race calendar to look forward to! We can barely contain our excitement. To try and help you out with your planning for the year we have tried to collate a comprehensive list of the races for this year in all series. If you have anything to add just drop us a line and we will be happy to add to our list. Read More

Silicone Hose Accessories

hose accessoriesIn addition to our high quality silicone hoses we also supply a range of very useful parts and components for your hoses. All made to a very high quality standard, manufactured to our exacting specification these parts are very hard to find, and very handy to have around. Read More

Is silicone hose oil resistant?

oil resistant silicone hosesEarlier this year we wrote a blog answering the question ‘Are Silicone Hoses fuel resistant?’ which has been really popular, but what about oil? Is silicone hose oil resistant?

Standard Silicone rubber is porous and therefore not suitable for oil. Made to order, our Fluoro lined silicone hoses use a specially compounded silicone called FluoroSilicone. This grade is specially formulated to prevent oil from penetrating the wall. Read More

How Viper Performance Silicone hoses help race teams

Ab performance showroomRace teams have very specific needs in terms of the requirements of parts within their systems. The increased stress placed on components during high speeds means hoses, in particular, need to be able to handle extreme temperatures. Hose fittings also need to be superb quality as teams rely on them to hold everything in place.

We have talked before about how we can help fabricators by supplying components for different systems, but we also love to work with race teams and motorsport companies. Viper Performance have been working with AB Performance for in excess of 5 years supplying all the silicone hoses and fitting for their race, track and road cars. In that time we have been able to build a strong relationship based on the quality of our products and customer service. Read More

Why is F1 the most expensive genre in motorsport?

In F1 a team can spend millions designing, building and testing their own components. The reason F1 is so expensive is the fact that they use bespoke parts. Compare this to lower tier races they often use off-the-shelf components such as chassis which dramatically reduces the costs involved.

The one item that drives up F1 costs more than anything is aerodynamics. The shape of the car is designed to suck the car down onto the track surface. Teams spend huge amounts of money to improve aerodynamic downforce. Read More

Super long aluminium hose joiners

super long aluminium hose joinerBack in August we announced that we had added a new super long aluminium hose joiner to our range. But why did we introduce this product and what can they be used for?

A while ago now we introduced super long silicone elbow hoses. This was in response to constant requests for elbows with different leg lengths. By introducing a product which had long legs this meant that our customers were able to cut down the legs to their exact requirements. This negated the need for expensive custom built hoses. The product was a huge success and many people have found our super long silicone hoses useful. Read More

The benefits of buying a second hand car

used car salesThere are potential pitfalls from purchasing a second hand car and they have been widely publicised. You may worry about the possibility of getting a car that has previously been stolen, damaged or written off. Or more commonly, one which has existing problems, which are not immediately apparent, but which soon become an expensive and inconvenient fix. Read More

How does a Fuel Surge Tank work?

Fuel Surge TankA surge tank is an important part of any turbo’s fuel system as it stops your engine from starving of fuel. A Fuel Surge Tank / Swirl Pot ensures your engine gets the amount of fuel which is needed for high power output.

This is important in demanding conditions such as drifting, drag racing and track days. Conditions like these mean your fuel system will be sustaining high lateral acceleration load for an extended period of time.

A fuel Surge Tank means that the fuel pumps constantly receive the same access to fuel, regardless of the action of g-forces. Read More

The ten fastest Nürburgring lap times by production cars

NürburgringPrior to this year, the fastest lap time for the Nürburgring was 6.11.13. Set by Stefan Bellof in a Porsche 956 back in 1983 when the circuit was used for qualifying for the 1000k Sports Car race. This magnificent time was however beaten earlier this year by the 919 Evo completing the circuit in just 5:19.55.

But those times are reserved for special vehicles that most people will never have the joy of driving. So what about production cars? Which ones have faired the best around this legendary circuit? Read More

Why and how to use a self seal take off

Self seal hose take off Efficient crankcase breathing is an important function of any engine. Even in a new engine, the combustion pressure will inevitably pass the piston rings into the crankcase. If an engine’s breathing system should become blocked or restricted, the crankcase will pressurise causing any one or more of the following problems:

  1. The oil/air mix will force its way out through any other convenient exit e.g. oil seals, dip stick, filler cap, etc.
  2. The efficiency of the oil control rings will be reduced creating increased oil consumption.
  3. Impurities such as water vapour and acids (by products of combustion) will build up and contaminate the oil causing sludging and increased engine wear.
  4. The adverse affect on the air/fuel mixture will result in starting problems and rough idling conditions.

Read More