Flexible Fuel Filler Hoses

flexible fuel hoseIf you require a fuel hoses, our hoses have a nitrile rubber lining, making them perfect for such applications. These hoses give an excellent bend radius, providing perfect flexibility for your fuel system. This flexibility is possible thanks to the wire spiral inside of the hose.

These fuel filler hoses are also incredibly easy to fit. They simply push-fit into your pipe and are tightened with a T bolt clamps. We also have these to purchase if you require. To suit a variety of applications we have both 500mm and 1000mm length hose available. We also have available different diameters available, which give different bend radius’s.

For more information about our fuel filler hoses, please visit our website.

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Real Carbon Fibre Pipes

carbon fibre pipeAll of the products we offer are of top quality, and our carbon fibre pipes are no different. To add to our product range, we offer top quality Japanese Toray real carbon fibre pipes. These can be supplied as either 90 or 45 degree carbon bends. Alternatively, there are also straight sections available 300mm long.

Unlike many alternatives, these are made from real carbon. This means that you not only get carbon aesthetics, but the superior properties of carbon as well. Carbon fibre is known for being super light, yet very strong. This makes it suitable for a variety of applications, such as air intake systems.

If required, we can also quote for custom carbon fibre pipe fabrications. However, these can only be done to a minimum production of 40 pieces, with added tooling costs involved.

If you would like more information about our real carbon fibre pipes, please get in touch.

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Unique Aluminium Reducers

Here at Viper Performance, we supply more than just silicone hoses and aluminium pipes. We believe in producing a wide range of products to create completely custom engine systems. Our aluminium joiners are just one of the many products that do this. Our aluminium reducers are hard to find, so we are happy to bring this to the market.

This handy component is ideal for use for any brands silicone or rubber hoses. An aluminium reducer works to either expand or reduce your pipework. It can be used as a funnel for an air feed, to reduce the intercooler pipe work, or even to expand connections. They are suitable for use on intercoolers, superchargers, air intakes, RAM, air feeds, induction pipes and hoses. They can even be clamped to air ducting!

Our top quality aluminium reducers are mirror polished, and have a smooth tapered reduction for better air. The coated surface allows the reducers to be welded to other 6063 grade aluminium. This is also why the reducers are nor roll beaded for this reason.

This top quality, unique product is available in a variety of sizes, and is also available in silicone.

For more information about our aluminium reducers, please visit our main website. 

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Competition Spec Surge Tanks

surge tanks When driving harshly, fuel is thrown from side to side of the fuel tank. This can cause the fuel to pick up to suck in air rather than fuel. This is why a surge tank is an important part of any turbo’ fuel system. It will stop your engine starving of fuel and allows for the fuel to be continuously sucked up.

This competition spec surge tank is finished in a top quality powder coat, and is supplied with 8 end fittings to suit your application. It also comes with both barbed and AN fittings supplied.

With a 1.5L capacity, the tank is ideal for many applications. Our surge tanks have female AN-6 ORB ports. If adaptors are required, we can supply them in ORB-6 to AN-6 or ORB-6 to Barbed adaptors.

For more information about our competition spec surge tanks, please visit our website.

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Why Use Cotton Breather Filters?

cotton breather filtersOur cotton breather filters are ideal for engine breather systems, gearbox breathers or oil catch can breathers. With many modern cars, the engines are designed to return the crankcase fume back into the engine normally via the air intake system and the inlet manifold.

When this happens, the oily fumes can contaminate the air/fuel mixture. This can lead to the car running poorly, with high fuel and oil consumption as well as smoky exhausts. Our cotton breather filters are designed to release vapour into the air, rather than feeding it back into the engine system. This promotes a healthy engine, and increased performance levels.

For more information about or cotton breather filters, please visit our website.

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Unique Flexible Hoses

flexible hosesWhere pre-moulded elbow hoses just won’t do to connect coolant or water hoses, we offer a solution. Our flexible silicone hoses are a completely unique product, ideal for such application.

Manufactured with a wire helix embedded into the wall of the hose, this hose can achieve an impressive bend radius. The hoses are grooved on the outside, allowing you get the tightest possible bend.

For easy connection and clamping, we ass a 50mm flat nor wired cuffed to the end of the hose. Depending on the thickness of hose you require, a variety of shapes and bends can be achieved. The thicker the wall, the stiffer the hose will be so please bare this in mind when purchasing.

For more information about our flexible, cuffed hoses, please visit our website.

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Improved International Shipping

Here at Viper Performance, we have recently switched to DHL to ship many of our products to our international customers. This now allows us to offer better shipping rates. It also allows to improve our already impressive service.

We can ship our products to almost anywhere in the world, making Viper Performance hoses available across the Globe. If you have any special requirements, please get in touch and we would be happy to discuss your needs with you.

To see our full product range that is available for international DHL shipping, please visit our website.

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50 Pack Clamp Deals!

hose clampsAt Viper Performance we offer super bulk deals on a range of our hose clamps. Our stainless steel T-Bolt clamps and our MIKALOR clamps are available in bulk packs of 50! This special deal is ideal for small or new car businesses who need a bulk deal on clamps, without having to order hundreds at a time.

We offer the lowest price around for our 50 pack of T-Bolt clamps. There are many different sizes available, meaning the clamps can fit a variety of hose diameters. For extra order flexibility, we even offer a pick and mix service that allows you to order 100pcs of mixed sizes, and still receive the bulk price! These T-Bolt clamps offer an even and strong clamping force all round. They are specially designed to have a smooth inner surface, so as not to damage silicone hoses.

The MIKALOR clamps that we offer are specially designed for rubber and silicone hoses. Unlike many other worm drive hose clamps, these clamps will not leave indentations on the hose, which could result in damage.

We also offer bigger quantities of our hose clamps including 200, 500, and 1000+ pcs orders! Call our sales team on 0845 0953 423 to enquire.

You can see our full hose clamps range on our website.

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New Parts for Silicone Hoses!

silicone hoseWe always want to offer the most useful and comprehensive range of products to our customers. This is why we have added 3 new parts to our already large range of silicone hoses! The new additions offer extra leg length options for our 15O, 30O, and 60O elbow silicone hoses. These elbow silicone hoses are ideal as water, coolant, and turbo hoses.

These elbow hoses are hand made to the highest quality. They are lined and multi-layered with quality fabric reinforcements. The new sizes will provide customers with even more choice, meaning they can always achieved the required solution. Details of these new hoses can be seen below.

New Hose Sizes Specification;

  • Part Number: E15-44
  • Leg length: 102mm x 102mm
  • Plies: 3
  • Wall: 4mm
  • Internal Diameter: 44mm ( 1, ¾ “)

 For more information about our silicone elbow hoses, please visit our website. There will be more sizes being launched soon, so be sure to keep up to date!

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PRO Range of Oil Catch Tanks!

oil catch tanksHere at Viper Performance we have a PRO range of oil catch tanks! We have either a 1 litre or 2 litre tank available, both of which meet the highest specification. As with all of our products, these oil catch tanks are beautifully crafted.

The oil tanks are manufactured to competition and race specification. The mirror polish makes the oil tanks a sleek, smart, and awesome addition to your engine bay. Both tanks have an internal separator unit and are handmade with high quality welding. The tanks can be easily mounted thanks to the 2 brackets that have been welded to the side of the tanks. A drain tap and AN connections have also been welded on.

A top quality stainless steel 30 micron breather filter is supplied with the tanks. The filter is washable and reusable, meaning that you can keep you catch tank for life!

For more information on our PRO range catch tanks, please visit out main website.

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Large Overhaul on Peristatic Tubing

Here at Viper Performance, we have been able to lower the price of our peristatic tubing! After carrying out a large overhaul on the product, we can now offer it to out customers for even cheaper than before!

peristatic tubingHowever, lower price does not mean lower quality! We maintain the same level of high quality products across all of our products. We use the highest quality Platinum grade silicone available on the market for these hoses. Not only does this silicone have a very high level of purity, it also has many other advantages.

The silicone is non-yellowing, and has no peroxide by-products. This ensures a consistent high quality look and appearance. The hoses are of excellent quality, with a superb high gloss finish. In addition, these hoses boast high tear strength and are highly hydrophobic!

To see our range of peristatic tubing, please visit our main website.

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Specially Designed Silicone Blanking Caps

We at Viper Performance were the first to manufacture silicone caps specially designed for automotive use. These specially designed caps are the perfect solution for metal / hard pipe* solutions you wish to block off. They are ideal for many applications such as blocking off redundant connections, sealing off vacuum connections, carburettors, and intake manifolds etc.

Available in many sizes, with 3 different colour variations, these caps will match all Viper Performance hoses, and most other UK hose brands. To fit, simply push these caps over the connection you wish to block off. They offer ideal protection from dust or debris.

We now offer a bundle pack that allows you to save up to 25! The kit contains 9 caps, one of each size!

We offer two methods of blanking off pipes/hoses:
1 – Billet aluminium Hose Blanking Plug.
2 – Silicone Blanking CAP

*these silicone caps are not reinforced with fabric, therefore are not suitable for blocking off areas under pressure.

For more information on our blanking caps, please visit our website. 

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The Perfect Tool for the Job!

In addition to offering our range of hoses and fittings, we also offer tools to assist you with fitting and connecting your components. Our adjustable AN aluminium wrench is the perfect tool to help you with all you’re AN aluminium hose end fittings.

To avoid damage to your hoses and fittings, it is essential that the correct tool is used. This wrench is specially designed from aluminium 6063 material, to avoid causing damage, scratches and scuffs to your hose fittings. The wrench fits AN fittings from AN-3 to AN dash-12 perfectly, and has the sizes clearly marked for ease of use. The ergonomic, easy grip handle means this tool not only looks great, but feels great too.

This wrench is usually in stock and available for 24-48 hour delivery. To order yours, and to see what other tools we offer, please visit our main website.

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Why add a line separator to your system?

line separatorsWhere you have hoses running parallel to each other, they may start to rub together, causing damage to the hose. We offer a range of line separators that a specially designed to prevent hoses rubbing together. Adding a line separator to your system will ensure that the hoses are kept tidy and in line. They are also great for improving the visual appearance of your system. Line separators are commonly uses with braided hoses, but can also be used on silicone hoses and vacuum lines.

They are manufactured from CNC machined 6061 aluminium and then beautifully anodised to match out hoses ends and HEX finishers etc. Our line separators are securely help together by a single fixing, making them incredibly easy to fit, or move if need be.

We have a variety of sizes available, to suit hoses are varying diameter. By choosing the correct line separator, you can achieve the desired separation gap.

For more information on our line separators, and to see the sizes available, please visit our main website.

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Super Long Leg Elbow Hoses – New sizes coming soon!

Here at Viper Performance we offer a wide range of silicone elbows with extra long legs. These high quality hoses will not be found anywhere else on the market! The hose is supplied with legs of equal 300x300mm lengths. This means that you are able to easily cut the hose to the size you need, perfect for when unequal lengths are required!

This unique solution takes away the hassle of having to have your hose custom built, which many manufacturers would not do unless you were ordering large amounts. As this hose also takes away the need for needing joiners, they are also a cost effective solution that save you having to buy many individual components. We have a wide range of sizes available for our long leg elbow hose, giving you even more options.

Due to popular demand, we will soon be releasing new sizes in this extremely popular hose – watch this space!

For more information on our Long leg elbow hoses, please visit our website. 

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J Style Hoses Prove Popular


j hosesIt has been just over 6 months since we launched our unique 180° elbow J Hoses that are not available anywhere else. When you’re building a coolant or radiator system, this hose shape is ideal. The generous length of the hose can easily be cut down to suit your desired length. This one piece hose removes the need for connectors that would normally be required to create the ‘J’ shape.

This special shape is perfect for a variety of custom applications. Small diameter hoses are quite flexible, this offering some good tolerances on the angles, and orientation. As the ‘J’ bend removes the need to purchase the variety of components you would ordinarily need to create the same shape, it is an extremely cost effective option.

6 months from its launch, the ‘J’ bend is proving increasingly popular with our customers. This unique hoses boast incredible benefits you won’t find elsewhere. These hoses are normally in stock, ready for 24-48 hour delivery.

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Top Quality Bellow Hoses

bellow hosesOur bellow hoses are specially built with NOMEX that can withstand a maximum working temperature of 220°C. They are ideal for use in areas that are subject to engine vibration or severe engine movement, which may cause other hoses to stress and split. Available with either a twin (TurboLoader Hoses) or quadruple (Articulated hoses) centre hump, convulsions act as bellows and offer flexibility and vibration absorption once mounted. We recommend these hoses to connect your charge cooler/intercooler etc to pipework.

We use 3 or 5 steel rings on the hoses, depending on the length, to prevent “ballooning” under boost or pressure. This enables the hose to keep its shape and integrity in any condition. This product is only available in black and is high quality and high specification.

As of Autumn 2017 we will be launching new sizes for these hoses. Our Turbo Loader hoses will be available in 114mm ID. The new sizes for our articulated hoses will be 70, 89 and 102mm hoses.

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Crimp Style Fittings for 200 Series Hoses

crimp style fittings Our crimp style fittings are specially suited for NBR (nitrile) braided hoses. These crimp style fittings work with 200 series hoses from most brands. Our hose fitting tool makes them easy to fit. Made from high quality, lightweight aluminium, these fittings are available in classic blue and red colourway, or our new high gloss piano black finish.

All of our fittings are CNC machined to absolute precision, giving an unrivaled level of quality. Our fittings are usually in stock, ready for 24-48hr delivery. The fittings are sold in AN-(dash) sizes from -06 to -12 sizes. We purposefully offer a variety of angles for these crimp style fittings to give you freedom and flexibility with your hose.

There is also a wide variety of other fuel system components available from us here at Viper Performance. Be sure to check out our full product range to see all that we have to offer.

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Weld on Bosses – The Perfect Accessory

Our aluminium weld on bosses are an excellent accessory for any aluminium pipe that you wish to modify. The broad flat seat of our aluminium bosses allow for a clean, tidy and easy weld. Specially designed, CNC machined and with a polished finish, these bosses are of the highest quality.

We offer bosses in number of outer diameters and usually have them in stock, ready for fast delivery. Aluminium bosses are ideal for adding a breather onto a pipe. We have available barbed, male AN threaded and female BSP threaded weld-on bosses to suit a variety of needs and applications. We also also offer a variety of other parts and components, perfect for silicone hoses and aluminium pipes, which you can also buy from our professional and diverse product range.

We have a commitment to quality and manufacture all of our parts to a high standard and exact specification. The Viper Performance logo stands for quality, so when you buy from us, you know you’re getting the best.


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How Does a Viper Performance Hose Perform?

There are many hoses on the market, all varying in price and quality. Viper Performance is known in the industry for making the best possible quality hoses. This is due to our choice of materials; build specification and the skills of our hose builders.

Most of our silicone hoses have been pressure tested when designed. This is done to withstand maximum pressures allowed by the material. You can see the technical data on our website. All our hoses are built to SAE J20 R1 specification.

The Viper logo stands for quality and supplies many industries who trust the brand. Our hoses are built using the best raw materials available. All of our hoses have an inner liner for added protection, with 3 to 6 ply’s of reinforcement, depending on the hose diameter. When needed, our hoses can be further reinforced with a wire spiral. All branches and take offs are very well bonded onto the body, and built to last. We always use machine metal inserts and specialist silicone adhesives if required. These are the reasons that F1 teams, the military, marine and rail industry trust Viper Performance.

To find out more watch the video below;

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