Hardline Tube End Fitting Demonstration

Here at Viper Performance, we have a range of end fittings, specifically designed for hardline tubing. These are ideal for racing fuel systems and industrial applications, and also where the fittings need to have an AN style thread. Our hardline tube end fittings are beautifully made and are specifically designed to match our aluminium hardline tubes. These fittings will not work with any other type of hose.

Compared to the crimp on style fittings, these fittings do not require any specialist tools and can easily be done with just a nylon vice jaw and aluminium spanners, which are all available from Viper Performance. Most importantly, the quality of the thread is flawless machine Billet 6063 aluminium and hard anodised. The fittings are smooth inside for good fuel flow and fluid transfer. Inside the fitting is a brass olive insert which slides over the hardline.

Currently, we offer a range of sizes such as AN- 6, AN-8 and AN-10. Our fittings are able in the traditional red/blue colours as well as beautiful polished piano black finish

For a demonstration on how to fit these fittings, simply watch the video below;

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How do Viper hoses compare to other brands?

Viper Performance hoses are fantastic quality and we pride ourselves on being one of the best in the market. Some of the benefits of buying from Viper instead of competitors are:

  • 70 shore hard silicone
  • Only the best reinforcement fabrics such as polyester reinforcements or nomex fabrics for higher temperature applications
  • All hoses feature a 1mm silicone inner liner
  • Colours are vibrant and do not fade
  • Beautifully finished inside and out
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Carry over 80,000 hoses in stock in red blue or black
  • Biggest range of shapes and sizes
  • Bespoke custom hose service available
  • Easy online ordering platform for retail clients

To find out more watch the video below:

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Options for custom silicone hoses

Here at Viper Performance we are able create custom silicone hoses. There are two methods for doing this, producing new tooling or modifying existing tool.

Custom Multiform hoses using new tooling

In order to produce a new hose shape it is essential to have forming tools, this is what moulds the silicone sheets into a hose. We then make a prototype silicone hose for your approval.

In order to produce a hose we will need to see 3d drawing or an original rubber hose. We cannot quote from a sketch, verbal description or photograph.

Get a price for your custom hose here 

Modifying existing tool stock

Sometimes it is possible to modify existing tooling without the need to produce a new tool. In this case we can send an existing tool to our tool maker to adapt. This can save you money when compared to creating a new mandrel bend.

To find out more please watch the Youtube video below:

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Supplying a range of Industries

Although silicone hoses are most commonly thought of for automotive and race industries Viper Performance create products for a wide array of different industries. If you have an engine you will need a hose!

Our latest video showcases some of the industries that we supply and the various different types of silicone hoses within these market places.

For example hoses for the rail industry often require specialist silicone grades for the which use flame and fire retardant low toxicity silicone. Hoses for the marine industry tend to need to be resistant to oily and wet exhaust systems. Wind turbines sometimes require hoses to have an electrical conductivity and food industries requires clear silicone which is FDA approved.

Watch the video to find out more.

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Custom Aluminium Fabrication Video

Our latest video showcases our provision for providing custom aluminium pipe fabrication. We can provide custom tube fabrication for small batch or volume orders mainly supplying manufacturers of air intake, induction systems, Intercoolers and superchargers.

We can also supply Mandrel bends and various finishing options such as polished aluminium pipes, brushed finish pipes, natural finish, powder coated aluminium pipes, roll beading.

We stand for quality and as such we only us 6063 T6 seamless aerospace aluminium tubing for our fabrications. Check our our website for minimum orders and more information.

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How it’s made: Silicone Hoses

Making silicone hoses is a long and complicated process and here at Viper Performance we’re extremely proud of our production techniques. Our silicone hose manufacturing is split into several stages; milling, calendaring, cutting, tube rolling, building, taping, curing, demoulding, and trimming. A great level of care is taken at every stage to ensure that all our hoses are produced with no creases, overlaps or air traps. Our skilled builders have months of training and hand tape all our hoses so they only produce high quality hoses with smooth, glossy and even surface finishes.

You can buy our silicone hoses here.

For an in-depth explanation of our silicone hose production process take a look at the video below;

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The low down on silicone hose materials

silicone hoses in engine bay

When you look under the bonnet of a car it often reveals an array of hoses and pipes. Each of these has a specific job and although they may look similar except for diameters each hose has a different purpose and as such may be produced from a different material to the one sitting next to it. As a result hoses are not necessarily interchangeable and you need to ensure you are selecting the right product for the job.

Viper Performance have a range of reinforcements available for silicone hoses such as polyester, nomex and glass reinforced as well as oil and fuel resistant grades. The choice of material will be based on the area of the engine it will be used in.

Cooling System Hoses 
At the heart of the cooling system is the water pump and radiator. The water pump circulates the coolant through the engine, and the radiator dissipates the excess heat. The hoses that attach the two components are usually pre-formed or flexible silicone hoses. All of Viper Performances hoses use a high quality polyester reinforcement which is specially designed for pressure, strength, flexibility and increases burst pressure. Polyester reinforcements are perfect for any application where temperatures will not exceed 170c.

Fuel Hoses

fluro hosesFuel hoses carry the fuel from the fuel tank to the carburetor or fuel injectors to power the engine. If you are choosing hoses for this purpose you need to be sure to specify Fluro hoses. The Fluro liner will stop oil droplets permeating through the wool and destroying the hose. When selecting a fuel hose make sure you choose a supplier that uses 100% Fluro material and at least a 1mm thick liner.

We also have a range of braided hoses available which are ideal as fuel hoses or brake lines.

Turbo Hoses
turbo bellow hoseWhen you require higher temperature rating you will require Nomex hoses. Our Nomex reinforced hoses will withstand high temperatures up to 220°C. This makes them ideal for Turbo applications, hot air, steam, water or environments where other hoses fail.

We also supply Turbo bellows with humps and stainless steel rings and an iron oxide inner liner for improved heat stability.

Industrial hoses
A glass reinforcement is also available, this is a very specialist hose for more industrial hose applications.

Take a look at the video below which showcases the different hose materials that Viper can offer:

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PTFE Teflon Braided Stainless Steel Fuel Hose

Our fuel and oil grade stainless steel braided hose comes with a PTFE lining inside, which is excellent for handling fuel and oil. Unlike cheaper, flimsier hoses, our hoses have a durable layer of tight  stainless steel outer braiding on the surface, while still allowing for a reasonable bend radius and pressure rating.

The hose is available in a number of popular sizes for fuel lines and oil lines, and works perfectly with our PTFE end fittings*. The hose diameters are available to suit fittings int DASH-3, DASH-4, DASH-6 and DASH-8 sizes.

The hoses and fittings are incredibly easy to fit and do not require any specialist tools other than an AN spanner to prevent scratching. You can order Vipers braided hose by the single meter or bulk orders are also available for trade clients.

*Please note, only use PTFE hose end fittings with this hose.

You can purchase our PTFE Hoses here

For a better look at our PTFE teflon braided stainless steel fuel hose, take a look at the video below;


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New product: Flexible Nitrile fuel filler hose

Nitrile fuel filler hoseWe have a new product available here at Viper Performance, a flexible Nitrile lined hose. These hoses are made with a fuel resistant Nitrile Rubber lining and are perfect for using as a Fuel Filler Hose*.

There are two lengths available 500mm and 1000mm. The wire spiral inside the wall of the hose allows it to be flexible enough to bend into angles. Small Diameters are particularly good at bending with the tight bends possible. You can simply push-fit onto your pipe and tighten with T bolt Clamps which are also available on our website

Click here to buy your flexible nitrile fuel hose

Please see the video below for a demonstration on how flexible the hoses are as the length and diameter affects how bendy the hose is.

*Please note that these hoses are not Suitable for high octane fuels.

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We deliver worldwide!

Did you know that we deliver worldwide here at Viper Performance? Yes its true, our website easily converts to different currencies and allows you to select different postage options dependant on your location.

For more information watch the informative video below:

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Can i put my logo on a hose?

Many people often ask us whether we custom brand hoses with logos. The answer is yes, there are however implications including minimum orders which will effect the process we use to complete this task.

Watch this FAQ video to find out the more about the custom logo process.

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Can I Visit Viper Performance?

Viper Performance offers face-to-face discussions by prior appointment for trade clients only. Our dedicated showroom and offices will be the perfect setting to discuss your requirements.

Unfortunately our showroom is not open to the public, our website however has all of the information you should need when buying hoses. Watch the video below to find out how to contact us.

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Can you shrink or stretch hoses?

A question that Viper Performance are frequently asked is “can I shrink or stretch the diameters of silicone hoses if I buy the wrong size?” The answer is simple “no.”

Hoses are sold by internal diameter not external diameter. You need to choose the hose with the internal diameter matching the outdoor diameter of the pipe you are wishing to connect to. Our hoses will not shrink and therefore you need to ensure you do not buy a hose which is too big. Avoid over clamping as this will simply damage the hose.

Watch this FAQ video to find out more about the importance of hose diameters.

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You can hire our Roll Beading tool

roll beading machineOur Tube Forming Roll Beading Machine is ideal for aluminium and copper tubes up to 1.8mm wall. We offer a weekly rental for only £75 including vat. This includes £45.00 rental charge, and £30.00 damages deposit. The deposit will be refunded as soon as the roll beading tool has been returned and inspected.

You can also buy a new roll beading tool here

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Superbly fabricated breather tank

breather tanksGood ‘engine breathing’ is usually associated with efficient intake systems. However, efficient ‘crankcase breathing’ is an equally important function of any engine. Even in a new engine, the combustion pressure will inevitably pass the piston rings into the crankcase. If an engine’s breathing system should become blocked or restricted, the crankcase will pressurise causing problems.

We have a universal breather tank available for sale on our online shop. The tank features a 1/8″ NPT thread at the bottom which is blanked off with a drainage valve which can easily be removed to use the NPT thread as a return, or remote drain. The top of the tank has a single -12 ORB female port to suit all lines.

This superbly fabricated aluminium tank makes a great universal breather tank for your system with a  550ml capacity. It is available in Mirror polished finish, or an optional Black finish.

Click here to buy yours today

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High quality universal fabricated tanks

fabricated tanksOur Universal Fabricated Alloy tanks are robotically TIG welded and are manufactured to a superb build quality. These tanks can be used in a wide range of applications such as breather tanks, fuel surge tanks (swirl pot) etc.

Available in 3 sizes the tanks come with six ports: 2 at the top, two at the bottom, two on the sides at the top. The ports are -8 ORB female for an excellent seal. Our optional adaptors & hose end fittings will match this perfectly as will other branded fittings. Any unused ports can be blocked off with our blanking caps (sold separately).

You can choose from a hand mirror polished surface, or an optional Black if you are after a sleeker finish.

Click here to view our collection of fabricated tanks 

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New BMW hose kit available

bmw hose kitWe have a new hose kit available for the BMW 5 Series. This is a Turbo Intercooler to EGR Hose which fits E60/61 525D/530D.

All our direct replacement hose kits are guaranteed and built with the very best materials on the market. Our hoses are much stronger than others on the market as they have inner liners and minimum 3 ply of reinforcements.most turbo hoses are 4, 5 or 6 ply.

Labelled at hose kit 136 on our website, Buy yours here today.

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Deal of the Week

silicone_hoses_2 copyThis week get 20% off when you spend £200+vat on our silicone hoses.
Place your order only by telephone 01952 670 702

Click here to view our range of silicone hoses

Follow us on Twitter for more deals!

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A bright 2017 with custom coloured hoses

We are often asked if we make custom coloured hoses, the answer is yes! Viper Performance offer custom colour silicone hose options, subject to minimum orders.

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Brand New Product: 180° Silicone J Hose

Viper Performance are pleased to bring you a brand new product for 2017. The new 180° Silicone J Hose is a unique hose not available anywhere else. This hose shape is very handy for building various coolant or radiator systems. This hose is generous in length and can be cut down to suit to your required length.

Ideal for those wanting to normally join a couple of 90° elbows and a strait to create a J shape, this hose is made into one piece removing the need to any connectors.

Click here to purchase your 180° Silicone J Hose today

Watch our technical demonstration video below:

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