Bob Lutz says BMW and Mercedes are afraid of Elon Musk

Seasoned automotive exec Bob Lutz has had a lot to say about Tesla’s Elon Musk over the years. Bob Lutz has assumed Tesla was failing for some time, though he has also praised the company from time to time. Lutz discussed with the Financial Times that BMW and Mercedes are afraid of Musk.

Ford and VW Group CEOs continue to credit Elon Musk for leading the electric vehicle way. Meanwhile, BMW and Mercedes have lost large numbers of sales to Tesla already.

The Financial Times article in discussion is sadly behind a paywall, but the article was actually about Elon Musk’s Person of the Year win with Financial Times. The article is titled “Elon Musk: Interview with FT’s Person of the year.”

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Battery EV uptake doubles

Battery EV uptake doubles, but the new car market remains well adrift of pre COVID pandemic levels.

New car registrations grew 1.7% in November, bringing an end to four months of consecutive decline. Compared to the pre-pandemic average, the market remains down significantly, with -31.3% fewer vehicles registered during the month.

Plug-in vehicle demand continued to grow, however with battery electric vehicles equating to 18.8% of the market, while plug-in hybrid vehicles’

 share grew to 9.3%. In 2021 to date, 1,538,585 new cars have been registered, 17.5% have been BEVs or PHEVs.

Britain’s ratio of plug-in vehicles on the road to standard public chargers (16:1) was one of the worst among the top 10 global electric vehicle markets at the end of 2020.

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Extreme E races at the Jurassic X Prix for inaugural season finale

Extreme E returned this month for the fifth and final race of the season at the Jurassic Coast, England. The venue of these races are aimed to bring awareness to at least one aspect of environmental damage humans are causing. 

The Jurassic X Prix track was relatively similar to the Sardinia track meaning that this season was a lot muddier than ever before. However, in comparison to previous tracks this one was a lot shorter being almost half the length. The track provided great opportunities for the drivers with a huge jump in the middle.

The season finale was originally predicted to take place at the Glacier X Prix in Argentina but due to COVID-19, Extreme E cancelled the race. Due to Extreme E headquarters being based in London a race in Southern England was a lot easier to arrange. The change in venue also helped to highlight the reality of environmental issues also being local as well as worldwide. 

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BYD launch Electric Vehicle in Europe

Electric Car manufacturer Build Your Dreams (BYD) has launched the latest Tang Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) in Norway. This marks a significant step for the company with Norway being the first European country to have their vehicles sold. The arrival of the Tang in Europe is the first step into the Chinese electric brand expanding their audience. 

Globally, BYD was one of the first companies to produce one million electric passenger cars. Since then it has become a well established world leading new energy vehicle manufacturer across an array of industries. 

With 26 years of experience BYD are experts in battery research, de

velopment, and production and place electrification and battery technology at the heart of the business. 

The new Tang vehicle is an all-wheel-drive crossover batter

y electric vehicle. It comes fully equipped with BYD’s 86.4kWh Blade Battery which can charge up to 80% in only 30 minutes. The battery offers a range of 328 miles and an acceleration of 0-62mph in just 4.6 seconds.

As distribution of BYD starts to expand across Europe it is expected that their great value cars will become a lot more familiar on the roads. 

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Sandy Munro vs Elon Musk

Sandy Munro has released a two-part presentation about the engineering philosphoies of Munro & associates in comparison to real world examples as well as comparing them to Elon Musk’s 5 step approach at Tesla. 

According to Sandy Munro the design innovations should be primarily focused on value, quality, and profitability. 

One of the main factors to improve on is reducing the number of parts for virtually all products. This will result in lower costs, increase in quality and additionally, investments to launch and maintain the product will be a lot lower. 

Elon Musk’s approach to the production of Tesla consists of five main points:

  1. Enhance basic requirements
  2. Try and delete part of the process
  3. Simplify or optimise
  4. Accelerate cycle time 
  5. Automate

The extreme progress at Tesla in correlation to the general shift to battery electric vehicles, is a catalyst of change within the industry. In today’s world, such methods need to be applied and competitors who apply them will quickly gain greater advantages. 

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Elon Musk Explains Why Tesla Can’t Produce Additional EVs In Volume

Elon Musk was recently asked about the Tesla Semi which is delayed according to the official announcement, but at the same time expected to be delivered to PepsiCo this quarter. 

His response is to not put too much emphasis on that and that Tesla cannot produce additional vehicles in volume. This indicates that there really will be some deliveries of the Tesla Semi, those will be small numbers. 

The reason behind that is chip supply short-term and cell supply long-term, both of which have to be addressed to produce additional vehicles in volume.

The chip supply short-term issue will likely ease with each quarter so this appears to be the least of our problems. However the problem with the cell supply is one that will remain long-term. This will limit all-electric car expansion in general for many brands.

This explains why Tesla has extended the list of its battery supplier from solely Panasonic to also LG Chem’s LG Energy Solution and CATL, as well as has started its own in-house battery cell development (4680-type).

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Mercedes-Benz EQS Exceeds EPA Rating In Edmunds Range Test

The Mercedes-Benz EQS is a model that has all it needs to compete against other electric luxury sedans and is arguably the most important number in this company is range. 

They tested an EQS 450+ that they described as light on options, although it still weighed 5,500 pounds. The range test they performed was carried out over 12 hours, in which the car managed to clock up some 442 miles, or an impressive 77 miles (almost 124 km) more than the EPA estimates.

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Just how much does Mobil 1 Oil affect Red Bull RB16B performance?

Internal combustion engines convert chemical energy in fuel at the injectors into mechanical energy. Chemical energy can be lost when delivered to the combustion chamber due to the mechanical friction between components. Developing an oil that provides higher-performing lubrication resulting in less friction significantly improves the engines performance. 

Mobil 1 have been working with Honda Formula 1 power unit engineers since 2018. The global motorsport technology manager has confirmed that they have been developing to push the boundaries of what is possible for Formula 1 engine oil. From this they have created a unique molecular composition of products for the Honda Formula 1 power unit.

The new Mobil 1 Oil has the capabilities of withstanding significantly higher temperatures than its predecessor. This provides a knock-on effect to the design of other parts of the vehicle, such as developing a more compact, and efficient engine to effectively improve the car’s packaging volume and aerodynamics, the most performance-dependent factor in Formula 1.

When creating the perfect oil Mobil 1 looked in some unusual places for components and compounds, this included the cosmetics industry which enabled them to bring in new components for the race oil formulation. 

Mobil 1 also aimed to improve the sustainability of their new oil. 25% of the base oil in Mobil 1’s formula 1 race engine oil is bio-based content. Allowing them to prove that environmental formulations can coincide with high performance.

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Silicone Hoses

Silicone hoses are capable of carrying fluids at much higher temperatures than rubber. The idea of a silicone hose is that you replace the standard hose so it doesn’t expand and get hot under pressure.

Silicone is a very stable material that acts almost like new, even when it’s not. While rubber hoses are prone to cracking, getting stiff, or becoming dry rotted over time the resilience of silicone means that this is less likely. Anyone who has had a hose leak will know what a headache this is to diagnose and correct so upgrading to silicone will definitely impact your performance for the better.

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Exhaust Wrap

An exhaust wrap is a thermal insulator that keeps heat inside the header, manifold and exhaust system. Exhaust wraps are a fantastic heat protection product and are an essential for when your car needs reduced engine under bonnet temperatures and the hot exhaust gas dispersion time needs to be improved.

Different roll sizes are available to suit your application.

Selecting the correct heat-shielding product is important. That is why Viper Performance have several specialist turbo exhaust wrap systems and heat shielding

 products to suit various applications, temperatures, and budgets, at very competitive prices.

To fasten the exhaust wrap, you may also require stainless steel cable ties. We have packs of 20 or 100 cable ties available to buy.

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