8 ways to upgrade your car

If you are striving for better performance but can’t afford a car with better specs then you will be looking for upgrades. Upgrading a car can be a great way of achieving the speed, acceleration and efficiency you’re after for a fraction of the cost. Upgrades can range from small tweaks to big system changes. Below we have listed 8 ways to upgrade your car for better performance:

Upgraded Tyres1. Choose better tyres

One of the most obvious upgrades is to choose better quality tyres for your car. Power and performance are great, but if you don’t have the grip from quality tyres to translate that to the road it will be a waste.

Equally if you want your car to perform in all weathers then you will need to ensure you are selecting the correct tyres for the conditions at hand. All weather tyres are a compromise on performance parameters and will likely not meet all users needs or expectations. Selecting a set of summer and winter tyres is the best solution for getting good traction and ensuring you have the ability to put the power to the ground. ‘Which’ have a great article on which tyres to buy here

Upgraded brake system2. Upgrade your Brakes

Arguably one of the most important performance factors is the ability to stop effectively. The better quality your brakes, the longer you can wait to engage them. In corners this means maintaining a higher rate of speed longer than your competitors. Whether it be simply purchasing better brake pads or upgrading the entire system investment in your braking will always be worth your time and money.

3. Install a cold air intake

It’s a fact the better your car breathes, the better it runs. Installing a cold-air intake not only frees up the airflow to your engine, it also feeds it cooler, more condensed air. By replacing your original intake pipe with one that was designed to maximize power, you will simultaneously increase horsepower, and fuel efficiency.

4. Swap out rubber hoses for Silicone Hoses

Upgraded silicone hoses

Another upgrade would be to swap out the standard rubber hoses in your car for better quality silicone versions. Compared to rubber, silicone has superior heat tolerance. The reason this is important is if, for example, you add a nice turbocharger to your engine and don’t upgrade your hoses at the same time you will potentially drive all that extra heat into hoses that aren’t equipped to handle it.

Another reason to upgrade your hoses is that rubber hoses are prone to cracking, getting stiff, or becoming dry rotted over time. Silicone is a very stable material that acts almost like new, even when it’s not. Anyone who has had a hose leak will know what a headache this is to diagnose and correct so upgrading to silicone will definitely impact your performance for the better. You can buy silicone hoses direct from us here

If you’re interested in the specific benefits of silicone hoses then read our blog on what difference silicone hoses make here

5. Exhaust System Modification

Often people think of upgrades to exhaust systems as a purely noise inducing tasks. But as well as giving you a nicer exhaust note when accelerating you can also see improvements in power. Installing a brand new stainless steel exhaust to an older car will result in a big difference as exhaust cats can get clogged up over time meaning performance slowly decreases.

If you choose to install a performance exhaust you could see an increase in power output as the performance exhaust will usually be wider in diameter. This allows more air gases to escape, which in turn increases power output.

6. Upgrade your Spark Plugs

Standard spark plugs often have troubles firing, which can decrease the speed and reliability of a car therefore upgrading your spark plugs will enhance your car’s performance. With newer high performance spark plugs, misfires are far less frequent. This reduces the emissions from the car whilst in turn increasing fuel efficiency.

7. Add a Turbo charger

A turbo charger allows a car to burn more fuel each second. That’s why a turbocharged car can produce more power. Turbos are more efficient than superchargers and can provide a significant increase in horsepower. Not only that but turbo chargers are to improve fuel economy by as much as 20-40%.

8. Add an Exhaust Wrap

We recently wrote a blog on ‘why you should have an exhaust wrap’ which detailed its fantastic heat protection properities. By adding an exhaust wrap to your heat you will see a reduction in temperatures around resulting in more horsepower. This increase in horsepower is down to increased engine efficiency as the exhaust wrap keeps heat in the header instead of it dissipating around the engine. You can buy exhaust wraps from us here

If you’ve upgraded your car recently we’d love to hear how you did it and what performance enhancements you have achieved as a consequence. Get in touch on our Twitter page @viperhoses. We have lots of products available in our online shop. Visit our shop

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