We have expanded our range of Y piece Silicone Hoses

Our unique Y piece silicone hoses are a very useful connector if you’ve got two pipes going into one – otherwise impossible to obtain. With our recent expansion of our Y piece silicone hose connectors, we have sizes varying between 32mm and 76mm. the main body is larger than the diameter, splitting and reducing down to two equal branches.

These connectors are carefully moulded by hand and there is no ‘flashing’ of any silicone inside the join which provides excellent water and airflow.

The Y piece silicone hose connector is suitable for applications including trucks, vehicles, boats and anything else with an engine.

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2 Grades of exhaust wraps available

If your car needs reduced engine under bonnet temperatures and the hot exhaust gas dispersion time needs to be improved then exhaust wraps are a great solution. They are ideal for reducing engine temperatures and improving exhaust gas temperatures.

We have 2 grades available:

black heat wrap 1 – Fiber Glass exhaust wraps

Exhaust wraps produced with Fiber Glass are suitable for manifold applications up to 550°C. Simply wrap around your manifold to reduce engine temperatures, and improve exhaust gas temperatures. 1″ rolls are best suited for applying on tight radius manifolds 2″ rolls are easier to apply and neater for longer straight sections. Available in Natural or Black colours.

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Please Note: Cable Ties are not included but can be purchased here

2 – Titanium

titanium heat wrap

This is superb quality exhaust wrap for very hot manifolds up to 700°C.
If other materials have failed try this. Wrap around your manifold to reduce engine temperatures, and improve exhaust gas temperatures. This particular exhaust wrap will give high heat protection to any exhaust application. Available in a bronze colour only.

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Please Note: Cable Ties are not included but can be purchased here

The simple way to plumb in an Air sensor

If you are wishing to modify your air intake system, build a custom induction kit or simply modifying your ECU setup then check out this product.

This handy aluminium pipe has been specially developed to enable you to connect two silicone hoses together, or simply weld into a custom air intake pipework.

It has a M10x1.25 female thread TIG welded into the centre of the pipe and positioned so that you can easily plumb an air sensor into the pipe.

The pipe is mirror polished 6063 aluminium, with roll beaded ends for perfect hose retention. The thread is CHC machined and TIG welded into centre.

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Hose to carry fuel from filler neck to fuel tank

A fuel filler hose is the pipe which takes fuel from the filler neck to the fuel tank. As stated in our blog ‘Are Silicone hoses fuel resistant?’ Silicone is not a good material for this purpose and therefore our fuel filler hoses are made entirely of nitrile rubber. This material offers excellent resistance to fuel.

Inside the hose is a smooth nitrile liner. The wire is embedded in the wall of the hose to offer suberb flexibility. Two size options are available half a metre and 1 metre lengths from 38mm to 63mm internal diameter.

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To secure the hose we recommend stainless steel T bolt hose clips.

Please note These hoses are not Suitable for high octane fuels.

Special Price on Massive 21 hose complete ancillary coolant kit for Subaru Impreza

Subaru Impreza Silicone hose kitLooking for longer life expectancy for your Impreza hoses? This ancillary hoses kit will give you much longer life expectancy than the rubber hoses which come as standard.

21 hoses are included in this set, all of the hoses have a inner liners for smooth flow of fluid. A minimum 3 ply of reinforcement means that they are solid and will not collapse under pressure. Perfectly cut to fit the cars, there is no need for chopping or trying to make it fit them fit. Available in red blue and black. As always the Viper logo means a lifetime warranty.

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How to stop boost hoses popping off

My boost hose has popped off again!! A regular site in forums.

A common problem with turbo systems is hoses slipping or popping off. This is caused by high pressure within the system forcing the hose off. Often the clips that hold the hoses in place are not strong enough to withstand this pressure. If the hoses pop off you will know immediately as it will affect performance considerably.

Although all Viper Performance aluminium pipes come with Roll Beaded ends to prevent hoses slipping, in some cases, pressure is so high that even the tightest fitted hoses are unable to stay in place. This can be annoying if you’re on the road but catastrophic in a race environment.

So what’s the answer?

The boost brace is specifically designed to solve this problem.  You can simply weld the flat seat of the feet onto your aluminium pipes, adjust the length of your bracket, and eureka,  hoses will never come off again.

What’s more is that thanks to our clever quick release pin, you can remove your installation in a second with no tools!

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How to straighten coiled tubing

Pipes for hard brake and clutch lines or fuel pipes often comes in reels. This format may well be easy to carry or post but trying to straighten it can be a real struggle.

So how do you straighten coiled tubing?

Well, you can do it slowly by hand but this will not give you a professional high-quality finish. There are also lots of examples of DIY vice mounted straighteners online. But if you want a professional finish will minimal effort and time wasted then check out our speciliast tool.

tube straightening toolThis is our high-quality Heavy Duty tool for straightening out coiled aluminium, mild steel, copper, and stainless steel tubing. The thick aluminium body is double anodised in Black, with adjustable rollers.

It is so easy to use. Just put the end of the pipe between the rollers and push it through. The straight pipe comes out the other side. Simple!

This tool is capable of straightening:
1/8″, 3/16″, 1/4″, 5/16″, 3/8″, 7/16″,1/2″, 5/8″ & 3/4″ outside diameter tube.

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New Product – Silicone Coolant Hoses

silicone radiator hosesOur new selection of Silicone Radiator and coolant Hoses are a popular alternative to the standard rubber hose that typically connect the various parts of the radiator to other systems in a car. This hose is best suited for low pressure application. They come in internal diameters of 16mm (5/8”) and 19mm (3/4”).

Our low-priced Silicone Hoses are manufactured from only the highest quality materials and reinforcement fabrics. These hoses are polyester reinforced and currently available in the colour blue.

Our Silicone Radiator Hoses come with a 1-year warranty and can be bought for special bulk prices on 50m and 100m! To shop the range or view the product further, please click here.

For higher pressure application please see our reinforced straight hose metre lengths/super flex hoses.

Our hose fittings

hose fittingsHere at Viper Performance, we supply and manufacture Hose Fittings to the highest quality, in order to full our clients needs. Our AN / JIC Fuel and Oil hose end fittings are beautifully made anodised in traditional Red/Blue or available in Piano BLACK hand polished.

Choice of end fittings

The CRIMP STYLE swivel fittings are specially suited for NBR (Nitrile) braided hoses, they work with most brands, 200 series hose. They are easy to fit with our hose fitting tool

The PUSH ON swivel fittings are perfect for low pressure fuel/water applications and push straight into any suitable Nitrile Fuel rated hose, rubber or silicone hose.

The PTFE hose fittings also swivel, and can very easily be fitted to any suitable PTFE lined steel braided hose.

Take a look at the range of hose fittings.

Fitting hose end fittings

As well as supplying a great range of end fittings we also supply wrenches and a hose crimping tool, we have a great blog about it here: Fitting an style hose end fittings with ease here. 

Did you know we ship worldwide

worldwide deliverySo what if you are not based in the UK but you’ve heard about our great quality hoses? Well, we offer worldwide delivery!

From our online shop, you can select from hundreds of delivery options. The system will then give you a delivery charge instantly on screen making pricing transparent. This means you can benefit from our fantastic products shipped from our UK warehouse.

All of our products are held in stock and our online system will let you know if the item you are ordering is in stock or a special order. The quick converter for currencies makes it easy to see the price in pounds, dollars and Euros.

So don’t be put off if you’re not local to us. We deal with international orders all the time here at Viper Performance. Take a look at our online shop today.