Christmas Gift Ideas for car enthusiasts

We have a range of specialist tools that make great gifts for mechanics or car enthusiasts

6 piece AN wrenches -4 to -16 SETwrench

Anodised colour coded wrenches sized to fit the swivel nuts on hose ends. These wrenches have a fully rounded edge to fit your hand. Machined from heat treated 2024 aluminium. This set offers excellent value for money.
with wrenches for -6,8,10,12,16 AN sizes.

Wrenches can also be purchased individually here

silicone hose cutterSilicone Hose Cutting Tool

This cutting tool is an excellent vice mounted workshop accessory. With the ability to cut 18 stock internal size non-steel reinforced silicone and rubber hose from diameters 1” internal diameter to 6” Internal diameter in height increments of 7.5mm, with a minimum height cut of 20mm to a maximum height cut of 127mm.


Tube Flaring Tool

Professional quality heavy duty tube flaring tool to make perfect 37degrees flares, ideal for hard brake lines or fuel applications and for hard line style JIC AN fittings.


Tube Straightening Tool

Great quality Heavy Duty tool (weights 4.7kgs) for straightening out coiled aluminium, mild steel, copper, and stainless steel tubing to a professional finish, very handy for making hard lines etc.. The thick aluminium body is now double anodised in Black, with adjustable rollers


View all of our specialist tools here

Reduce connections, reduce leaks with Super-Flex hoses

superflex silicone hosesInstead of buying and joining multiple joiners, elbows and hose clamps buy 1 length of Super-Flex silicone hose. The more joins you have the more potential for a leak. Often used for marine engines, power generators, science labs and machinery.

With an average life expectancy of 6 times longer than rubber hoses these silicone flexible hoses are a great investment. Manufactured with a steel wire spiral embedded inside the reinforcement plies, allows for a flexibility not possible with most standard straight hoses, and will also take higher pressures compared to standard silicone hoses.

Resistant to glycol and other coolants that are non-organic acid based. Hand build wuth 5mm wall including 1mm inner liner and 3 plies of reinforcement made from high tear strength fabric.

Buy your flexible hoses here

Please see video for demonstrations on how flexible our Super Flex hoses are:

Elbows, Elbows Elbows

aluminium elbowsViper Performance Aluminium Hose Joiners are designed to fit perfectly with any universal silicone hose. We have a range of elbows available from 15° to 180°.  With such a vast array of bends and sizes available you are sure to find what you need.

Our mandrel bends have the tightest bend radius on the market, most of the mandrel bends are 1.2D. A range of wall thicknesses available and all our pipes have roll beaded ends for the best hose retention out there.

Take a look at the range here

Checkout our blog why choose our aluminium pipes for your next build?’ to find out what sets our aluminium pipes apart.

Flexibility with our Articulated Bellow Hoses

Bellow Hump HoseThe Viper Performance articulated bellow is specially designed for areas where the hose acts as a cushion to absorb lateral movement, compression and expansion as well as vibration. For these applications hoses without this construction would otherwise easily split under movement. Highly recommended to connect your charge cooler / Intercooler etc to pipework

These hoses are speciality built with 4 plies of Aramid / NOMEX reinforcements for high temperatures, rated for 250°C, peak for brief period & 220°C maximum working temperature.

Compared to our black Nomex Bellow Hose this offers much more movement, much more compression and expansion. The trade off is a little less pressure handling due to its thinner wall thickness of 4mm and slightly softer grade silicone of 60°ShA. This Articulated bellow would not be so flexible with a thicker wall and harder silicone rubber, it is therefore recommended for use where pressure is not high.

The brown coloured (Iron Oxide) silicone offers better heat stability compared to coloured or black silicone. Also features 3 more pronounced humps for better articulation and 4 Stainless Steel Rings to prevent the hose from ballooning.

The turbo loader hose is reinforced with 4 steel rings to prevent the hose from “ballooning” under boost or pressure, keeping the shape and integrity under any condition.

View Sizes here

Specially machined T- piece hose joiners

t piece aluminium pipeViper Performance Aluminium T Piece connecting pipes are CNC machined from thick walled material, and TIG welded offering a very high quality product.

The T-pieces are ideal for connecting dump valves, plumbing in breathers, or water hoses into your connection.

These T piece joiners boast a specially machined out groove area* for clamps to sit firmly into. This ensures the best possible leak free connection.

Many sizes are available with 12mm to 25mm take offs and 32mm-76mm main bodys. Click here to view the sizes and purchase.

Silicone T-piece hoses are also available.

* Please note that HJ-T32-12 and HJ-T32-16 are a slightly different build spec (Just a plain bead each end no machined grooved clamping area). Please email for examples.

Why choose our aluminium pipes for your next build?

aluminium pipesViper Performance’s Hose Joiners are ideal for joining hoses for Intercoolers, Radiators, Air induction, Superchargers, intercooler systems or for making any D.I.Y system. There are many reasons why our aluminium pipes are superior to others on the market. Here are just a few benefits of our pipes:

10 reasons to select our aluminium hose joiners:

  1. Mandrel bend

Our pipes offer the tightest bend radius on market (most bends are 1.2D),

  1. Mirror polished

Because our pipes have no coating they are easier to weld.

  1. Roll beaded ends

The roll beaded ends on our pipes offer the best hose retention out there.

  1. Seamless tubing

Our high quality production guarantees seamless tubing

  1. Wall thickness 1.6 to 2.0mm

A range of wall thicknesses available

  1. Bends have 152x 152mm leg

Standard pipes have 152 x 152 mm legs however we do now supply longer legs in some sizes.

  1. Clean finish ready to use

No extra work on your behalf the hose will arrive clean and ready to use

  1. Protected with bubble wrap

For your piece of mind, your hose will be safe both whilst in our stock room and in transit

  1. Universal

Viper Performance Aluminium Hose Joiners are designed to fit perfectly with any universal silicone hose.

  1. Established company

Trading for over 15 years we are an established trustworthy company

Take a look at the range here

Range of Hose Clamps for use with our silicone hoses

hose clampsWe have a good range of quality hose clamps available on our online shop. These are quality fastener accessories for your hoses, all available from stock for quick delivery.

Hose clamps available include:
-W3 MIKALOR Stainless Steel Clamps,
-W2 T BOLT Stainless Steel Clamps,
-304 Grade Stainless Steel Cable Ties,

To suit all clients needs the Hose clamps are available for small quantity orders or in multi packs for bulk buys which offer the lowest prices! If you don’t see the pack size you require please do get in touch and we will accommodate you where possible

See the full range here.

Beautifully made Straight Hardline Fitting

Here is Viper Performances range of end fittings specifically designed for hardline tubing. You can see a separate video for hardline tubing here.

Ideal for racing fuel systems and industrial applications and where the fittings have to have an AN style thread. Viper’s hardline tube end fittings are beautifully made and are specifically designed to fit Vipers hardline end tubes.

Compared to the crimp on style fittings, these fittings do not require any specialist tools and can easily be done with a nylon vice jaw an aluminium spanners. Importantly the quality of the thread is flawless, made from machine Billet 6063 aluminium and hard anodised. The fittings are machine smooth inside for good fuel flow and fluid transfer.

Available in traditional red blue colours or in a beautiful polished black. The fittings are sold in AN-(dash) sizes from -06 to -10 sizes.

Buy yours here

Unique Super Long Hoses

super long silicone hosesWe revel in bringing unique products to market. Like stocking 90 and 45 degree silicone elbows with extra long legs! These are not found anywhere else.

Our jumbo-sized leg lengths will offer a huge 300x300mm lengths from centreline of the bend radius making it possible to connect two sources with one part only, thus avoiding any joiners and making a better leak proof connection in one piece.

The hose will be supplied to you with equal legs 300x300mm (12″ long) allowing you to easily cut the legs back should you require unequal lengths or slightly shorter options.

This option offers a unique solution, as this would normally require custom building your silicone hose or require large minimum orders.

Buy yours here

Superb Quality Stainless Steel Braided hose with tight double braiding

Our Stainless Steel Braided hose has tight double braiding and NBR (Nitrile Rubber) with good bend radius. Ideal for high-pressure use for Oil, fuel lines, Carburetor, water lines, vacuum etc. As with all Viper Performance product quality comes first, this braided hose will perform as well as any leading brand and at a much lower price! Sold in multiples of 1 meter.

Temperature resistance

Our Stainless Steel outer braided fuel/oil hoses will handle up to temperatures:
Min Temp -40°C, Max Temp +135°C


Sold in universal “DASH sizes from DASH-4 to DASH-12. Internal diameters ranging from 5.56mm ID (-04) to 17.47mm ID (-12).

For more information about our braided hoses please click here.


Please note: This hose should not be used inside the car body as it allows fuel vapor to seep through the wall. (use PTFE hoses for running fuel / oil lines internally)