Large range of handy specialist tools

specialist toolsWe have a range of very handy tools to help you with making your intercooler pipes, coolant or intake systems. These include Tube roll beading tools, pipe flaring tools or tube straighteners for your aluminium hard lines.

These tools are very well made from quality materials and built to last. Due to their craftsmanship they are ideal for the workshop, garage or car building enthusiasts.

Hose end fitting tool

Our hose end fitting tool is an absolute god send when it comes to assembling and crimping AN hose end fittings. This tool does a great job with ease in minutes. It is supplied with a number of dies / sockets to crimp and assemble braided fuel and oil lines.

AN Spanners

Our Aluminium anodised AN/JIC wrenches are specially designed to fit the swivel hose fitting nuts and for crimp style hose end fittings used for braided fuel / oil hoses. The spanners and  wrenches are sold in sets offering excellent value for money, or sold as a single piece wrench.

Tube Straightening tool

This tube straightening tool has a vice mounted billet aluminium construction designed to heavy duty and years of service. This tube straightener will easily straighten all your fuel system hard lines and brake lines. Suitable for copper or aluminium tubing.

Tube Flaring Tool

We also do a heavy duty professional tube flare devise, designed to flare tubes to a 45° flare to apply suitable fuel hose fittings onto the tube / hard pipe.

Find all our specialist tools here.

Subaru Water hoses Kit

Subaru hosesThis kit is made up of 15 pieces and includes every single ancillary hose you might need for your Subaru. These hoses will fit the 2001-02 WRX/STI and also 2001-2004 Blob Eye Versions

Every single hose is individually moulded to match the vehicle perfectly. A lot of attention to detail has been paid to getting these kits just right. Every hose is built with an inner liner and 3 layers of reinforcement. Viper Performance Branded so you benefit from our lifetime warranty.

This kit is £166.65 ex VAT. Buy yours today here

Silicone hoses for high temperatures

reinforcement fabricsSilicone hoses are not all the same and ensuring that the hose is of high quality will determine its effectiveness and life span. All silicone hoses have an inner liner and a minimum of 3 layers of fabric reinforcement.

Our standard polyester reinforcements are perfect for any applications where temperature will not exceed 170°C. There are some applications which will require hoses to withstand high temperatures. In this case we offer different types of reinforcements.

Polyester reinforcements 170°C

Our standard fabric is made from 100% polyester which is specially designed for pressure, strength and flexibility. This reinforcement suits most engine applications. Working temperatures are from -50℃ to +170℃, peaking at +180℃ Polyester reinforced hoses are however NOT suitable for carrying oil or fuel.

Polyester is Ideal for:

  • Water
  • Air
  • Air intakes
  • Coolant
  • Small amounts of oil mist

Nomex reinforcements 220°C

When you require a higher temperature rating we have another fabric option called Nomex. The pattern of this fabric is different, we use a knitted Nomex fabric. Our Nomex reinforced hoses will withstand high temperatures up to 220°C making them ideal for Turbo application, hot air, steam, water or environments where other hoses fail.

Nomex is Ideal for:

  • Water
  • Air
  • Coolants
  • Turbo boost
  • High temperatures
  • Higher pressures
  • Small amounts of oil mist.


For hoses which will be in contact with oil we have another liner option called Fluro Liner. This is a highly specialised product which is Ideal for contact with Oils / Oil mists and fuel Filler hoses. The Working temperatures of these hoses is from -50℃ to +170℃

Fluro ideal for:

  • Water
  • Air
  • OIL in ASTM 1 and 3 oil mists
  • transfer of fuel (fuel filler hose)  (not suitable for high octane fuels)

To select one of the above options when buying your hoses simply check the correct build material at the top of the page before adding your hose to the cart. View all silicone hoses here.

fabric options

Y piece silicone hose connector

y piece hoseThe Y piece silicone hose is ideal for making any split connections. There is a main body, which is the larger of the diameter, reducing and splitting down to two equal branches.

Beautifully moulded and made by hand there is no “flashing” of silicone inside the join, for am excellent air / water flow.

We are proud to be the ONLY manufacturer currently offering Y shaped silicone hoses. Bringing you a very useful connector otherwise impossible to obtain.

Take a look here: Y piece silicone hose

Straight Hoses 1, 2 4 meters

straight hosesOur straight silicone hoses offer excellent build quality with 3 to 5 ply reinforced construction. We stock hoses from 6mm ID meaning almost every size is catered for, and in stock!

Our small diameter straight lengths are very flexible and achieve a very good bend radius. Diameters from 6 to 19mm are often used for water connection, breathers or heater matrix. The flexibility of our hoses offers good piping solutions for many applications.

Bigger diameters offer good value for money as they allow you to cut to length or use as they are. Ideal for coolant, intercooler or air intakes.

We have 1, 2 and 4 meter options available. The longer 2 and 4 meter lengths are fantastic for a continuous run with no joins.

1 meter straight hose

2 meter straight hose

4 meter straight hose

The best materials for Fuel Hose

braided hoseIn our popular blog “Are silicone hoses fuel resistant?We discuss the various options for fuel hoses but what is the difference between NBR and PTFE and what exactly is the best material for fuel hoses?

Placement of the fuel hose

The best way to decide is dependant on the placement of the hose itself. Nitrile rubber hoses (NBR) should only be run in areas such as underneath the car, or under the hood. They should never be run inside the cabin as fuel fumes can permeate through the wall of the hose. For hoses that need to be run inside the cabin, PTFE hoses are ideal, as fuel fumes will not permeate the hose walls.


Nitrile rubber hoses offer an excellent bend radius. This means that you can create the desired system without the need for extra fittings and angles. The hoses can be bent and fixed as needed, resulting in a sleek and tidy fuel system. PTFE hoses have a significantly reduced bend radius, more angle and end fittings may be required, which increases the chance of a leak occurring in the system.


While PTFE hoses are generally cheaper, the savings are often offset on the extra fittings that are required.


An additional to PTFE hoses are their lightweight nature. If weight is a concern, PTFE hoses might be the ideal solution for your fuel line.

To see Viper Performances full range of fuel hoses click here.

Get the temperature down with Exhaust Wraps

Viper Exhaust wrapsAn exhaust wrap is a fantastic heat protection product. Ideal for reducing engine temperatures and improving exhaust gas temperatures. This is an essential product where your car needs reduced engine under bonnet temperatures and the hot exhaust gas dispersion time needs to be improved.

By providing just the right amount of insulation, exhaust  wraps keep the hot exhaust gases at just the right temperatures to move quickly and efficiently through the exhaust system all while retaining lower intake temperatures.

In a dyno test by Hot Rod Magazine they found exhaust wrap significantly reduced engine temperatures. On unwrapped headers, the temperature near the cylinder head was 1,156 degrees Fahrenheit. After the wrap was applied, the temperature dropped to 972 degrees Fahrenheit.

Not only did the exhaust temperature decrease, but so did other areas of the engine. On their test they found that the valve covers on their 600 horsepower small block Chevy test engine dropped from 750 degrees Fahrenheit to only 619.

Selecting the correct heat-shielding product is important. We have several specialist turbo exhaust wrap systems and heat shielding products to suit various applications, temperatures, and budgets, at very competitive prices.

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High quality reliable Hose Clamps

hose clampsViper Performance have a range of quality hose clamps available. These are quality fastener accessories for your hoses, all available from stock for next day delivery.

Available Hose clamps:

W2 T BOLT Stainless Steel Clamps
Our Quality W2 heavy duty Bolt Clamps are known for quality and reliability.
Viper Performance have in stock a range of T-Bolt style clamps which are perfect for the use with Silicone Hoses. They are also commonly used for high pressure applications where other clamps simply pop off. Their stainless steel wide band and totally smooth inner band assures a high torque seal without ruining the hose.

Buy here.

MIKALOR Stainless Steel Hose Clamp

Our MIKALOR W3 stainless steel worm drive hose clamps are made of high quality stainless steel. They are perfect for clamping silicone hoses and rubber hoses thanks to the “slot free” smooth band, unlike some other brands, these clamps are not going to tear and cut into the hose as you tighten.

Buy individually here or for bulk buys of 50+ see our special pack deals!

W3 MIKALOR Stainless Steel Clamp Black Edition

We have also made available a very special edition of quality hose clamps in BLACK powder coat, these unique and hard to obtain hose clips offer discrete clamping. Ideal for classic cars, or to obtain a certain look not otherwise possible with the common shiny clamp.

Buy here


Christmas Gift Ideas for car enthusiasts

We have a range of specialist tools that make great gifts for mechanics or car enthusiasts

6 piece AN wrenches -4 to -16 SETwrench

Anodised colour coded wrenches sized to fit the swivel nuts on hose ends. These wrenches have a fully rounded edge to fit your hand. Machined from heat treated 2024 aluminium. This set offers excellent value for money.
with wrenches for -6,8,10,12,16 AN sizes.

Wrenches can also be purchased individually here

silicone hose cutterSilicone Hose Cutting Tool

This cutting tool is an excellent vice mounted workshop accessory. With the ability to cut 18 stock internal size non-steel reinforced silicone and rubber hose from diameters 1” internal diameter to 6” Internal diameter in height increments of 7.5mm, with a minimum height cut of 20mm to a maximum height cut of 127mm.


Tube Flaring Tool

Professional quality heavy duty tube flaring tool to make perfect 37degrees flares, ideal for hard brake lines or fuel applications and for hard line style JIC AN fittings.


Tube Straightening Tool

Great quality Heavy Duty tool (weights 4.7kgs) for straightening out coiled aluminium, mild steel, copper, and stainless steel tubing to a professional finish, very handy for making hard lines etc.. The thick aluminium body is now double anodised in Black, with adjustable rollers


View all of our specialist tools here

Reduce connections, reduce leaks with Super-Flex hoses

superflex silicone hosesInstead of buying and joining multiple joiners, elbows and hose clamps buy 1 length of Super-Flex silicone hose. The more joins you have the more potential for a leak. Often used for marine engines, power generators, science labs and machinery.

With an average life expectancy of 6 times longer than rubber hoses these silicone flexible hoses are a great investment. Manufactured with a steel wire spiral embedded inside the reinforcement plies, allows for a flexibility not possible with most standard straight hoses, and will also take higher pressures compared to standard silicone hoses.

Resistant to glycol and other coolants that are non-organic acid based. Hand build wuth 5mm wall including 1mm inner liner and 3 plies of reinforcement made from high tear strength fabric.

Buy your flexible hoses here

Please see video for demonstrations on how flexible our Super Flex hoses are: