How to cut silicone hoses, the easy way!

Viper Performance are proud to bring you this excellent cutting tool which is a brilliant vice mounted workshop accessory.

This Redback bench mounted machine has the ability to cut 18 stock internal size non-steel reinforced silicone and rubber hose from diameters 1” internal diameter to 6” Internal diameter in height increments of 7.5mm, with a minimum height cut of 20mm to a maximum height cut of 127mm.

Supplied as standard with this machine come internal acrylic hose dies. These dies enable the hose to keep shape creating a cleaner cut. The standard hose dies are: 1.25”, 1.5”, 1.75”, 2’, 2.25”, 2.5”, 2.75”, 3”, 3.5” and 4”. 1” Internal diameter hose is cut on the main bottom shaft without the need for an internal acrylic die.

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How to plumb an air sensor into a silicone hose

We like to make life easier here at Viper Performance. Thats why we created a hose specifically for plumbing in an air sensor. This unique hose allows you to connect and plumb in an M10 air sensor directly into the hose. Ideal if you are modifying your air intake, or doing an ECU upgrade/re-routing.

Our Air Sensor Hose is not available elsewhere. Available in a choice of silicone hoses that reduce in diameter (transition hoses), or straight couplers with constant diameter, all featuring the M10 thread in the centre.

Check the air sensor hose out here.

How to create a bend with Silicone hoses

Silicone hose elbowsHose elbows are suitable for creating bends in rigid or flexible pipework to fit your installation purposes. Elbows are available in a wide range of bore sizes and a large variation of angles including

Our silicone elbows are handmade from the highest quality materials, lined and multi-layered with quality fabric reinforcements. You can choose your silicone hose elbow from our large range of universal race parts available in BLUE, RED, and BLACK. 

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Make your own Air Intake Cold Air Feed, with Flexible ducting

Lightweight and very flexible Viper Performance Neoprene ducting hoses are ideal for creating your own air intake. They can also be used to create induction systems, cone air filters, hot & cold air extraction.

Black Neoprene Ducting is suitable for temperatures up to 150°. Our ducts feature a bronze plated steel wire spiral giving the ducting a tight bend radius and flexibility.

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Blanking Off Pipes and hoses

There are times when you need to blank off redundant connections. This could be breathers, Dump Valves, vacuum connections or carburettors. We offer two methods of blanking off pipes/hoses:

Billet aluminium Hose Blanking Plug

All of our Aluminium blanking plugs are 30mm in length with Barbed finish,
CNC machined from solid 6063 billet aluminium designed to push inside a hose and provide a strong secure seal in any silicone hose, without slipping out.

Our aluminium plugs are CNC machined for perfect fit & grip, will fit perfectly and offer a very strong connection to all brands of silicone hoses and rubber hoses of suitable diameter. and polished for nice looks !

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Silicone Blanking CAP

Our specially designed Silicone CAPS are specially molded and designed to fit over metal / hard pipe outlets you wish to block off or protect from dust or debris. Simply push over this silicone cap colour coded to match all Viper Performance hoses, and most other UK hose brands

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Large Range of Aluminium Elbows

Aluminium elbowsAluminium Elbows are ideal for joining silicone hoses together to make bespoke systems. Viper Performance Aluminium Hose Joiners are designed to fit perfectly with any universal silicone hose. Available in sizes from 15° to 180°. 

Quality is paramount with all of our products. Our mandrel bent aluminium elbows have the tightest bend radius on the market. Most of the mandrel bends are 1.2D. They come Mirror polished, which means no coating for welding and have roll beaded ends for best hose retention. Delivered to you  with a clean finish ready to use protected with bubble wrap whilst in our warehouse and during delivery.

You can see the full range of aluminium elbows here.

Special Elbows Available:

As well as our standard elbows we also have some special hard to find elbows.

Super Long 90 elbow

This elbow has super long legs. Our standard elbows have 152mm legs but if you need longer these super long elbows have 300mm legs. Find out more here.

L shape elbow

A really unique product is our L shaped elbow. With one long leg 500mm and another at the standard 150mm. Find out more here.

Looking for fantastic flexibility with incredibly tight bend radius? Introducing UltraFlex

ultraflex silicone hoseOur UltraFlex silicone hoses offer fantastic flexibility with incredibly tight bend radius not at all possible with any Superflex silicone hoses or standard lengths.

The hoses feature a wire spiral inside with specially convoluted sections to create an extremely flexible hose connection not possible with other hoses. They are lightweight and are hand made in silicone and reinforced with polyester fabric.  Boasting a Temperature rating of -40°c to +180°c peak.

ultraflex silicone hoses

These pipes are ideal for air intakes, cooling, water, or moderate pressure applications and larger diameters. Also very popular with industrial applications, or marine applications, power generators etc. Available in blue only and 750mm long lengths including 50mm flat section cuffs each end.

Find Ultraflex sizes here


Difference between working pressure and burst pressure of silicone hoses

When looking at any type of hose you will come across pressure data. You may have seen the terms ‘working pressure’ and ‘burst pressure’ amongst these. So what are they and how do they differ?

The working pressure means the pressure of the pipe fittings or flanges in the working conditions range, normally called pressure range.

The burst pressure is the maximum pressure that can be applied to the pipeline components without physical damage. Burst pressure can be defined as the maximum pressure this pipe fitting can withstand before breaking.When the pressure exceeds the burst pressure,the pipe will explode.

So what are the burst pressures of silicone hoses?

We have a technical area on our website which houses tables showing the burst pressure data for all different sizes of hose. You can find it here.

Straight Reducing Diameter Silicone Hoses starting at just £4.99

straight reducing silicone hoseWe have the worlds largest range of straight reducers with 70 size options currently available and new sizes being added all the time. 

These reducers suit just about any application and industry with the smallest diameters suitable for water connections and the bigger sizes which are great for intercoolers, air intakes or other industries just as marine.

We build all hoses with minimum 3 layers of reinforcement plus 1mm inner liner for added protection. These are the highest quality hand made hoses, lined and multi-layered with quality fabric reinforcements.

Most straight reducers are 100mm long. All diameters are internal, it is imperative you choose the correct size for your application.

See the full range of straight reducing diameters here.

Large range of Weld on Bosses

We have a variety of weld on bosses available which are manufactured from machined aluminium and polished finish. Our specially machined flared seat will give you plenty of space for a clean weld and tidy job. These bosses are ideal for adding a breather into a pipe or any connections to fuel and oil tanks. All available in several sizes.

We have 3 types of Aluminium weld on bosses available to order from our website. These include:

Barded end – for push on hoses
Available in a number of Outer Diameters, and CNC machined “fish tail / barbed ” design will secure any hose very well onto the take off. Buy Now.

Male JIC
Quality CNC machined JIC aluminium weld on boses / bungs in 6063 aluminium, ideal for TIG welding onto aluminium pipes, tanks, etc.. Buy Now

Female weld on boss
These weld-on-bosses have a female NPT thread. The broad flat seat will give you plenty of space for a clean weld. Buy Now

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