Adding your logo to a silicone hose

own logo on silicone hoseOne of the things we pride ourselves on, here at Viper Performance, is giving our trade customers the best possible product but still giving them the freedom to build there own brands. As such, unlike other silicone hose manufacturers, we are happy to add your own logos to our silicone hoses. This means you can have our great quality hoses with your own branding. In most cases we even offer a 3 year guarantee on non Viper branded hoses.

The process of applying a logo to a silicone hose

We have two methods, which we use to add a companies logos to a silicone hose.

Method 1 – Colour Logos long term regular orders

The most common method for branding hoses is a special printing method where we print your logo onto a run of plastic material. This requires artwork setup, printing plates and a minimum print run. The miniumum print run will give you anything from 800-1200 meters. Each metre will have your logo repeated many times. Budget £280-£380 depending on the size and colours. The process of adding the logo can only be done at the time of building the hose onto uncured silicone. The ink material will bond into the silicone at the curing stage in the oven. It is impossible to add a logo at a later stage. We don’t charge any more for

Method 2 – Black and white logo for small batches

We have developed a stencil, which costs just £90. The ink is hand painted, there will therefore be an addition charge to apply the logo.

Please Note: We will not print 3rd party brands or registered trade marks, you must own the rights and we will not accept and liability for artwork supplied to us.

For more information about custom logos please watch our YouTube video demonstrating how our process works below:

Are you a fabricator? We have recently written a blog on how we can help fabricators  take a look to see how we could supply you with the highest quality products for producing a range of car systems.

How our products can work together

aluminium pipes and silicone hosesOur online shop allows for single purchases of silicone hoses and aluminium pipes but our products are showcased at there best when combined. By joining our aluminium pipes and silicone hoses you can achieve any shape.

We have an extensive range of silicone hose elbows to acquire the correct angles and have straight length hoses up to 4 meters. Our aluminium range consists of a range of elbow hose joiners, straight connectors and reducing pieces.

This flexibility means that you can create bespoke Intercoolers, Radiators, Air induction, Superchargers, intercooler systems. You can do this from stock pieces via our online shop, or if you are a fabricator or distributor then we can discuss bespoke options. We also stock hose clamps to make securing the sections together seamless. Click here to view our clamps.

Silicone and Aluminium Parts for fabricators

Silicone Hoses and Aluminium Pipes

We know from experience that our parts offer fabricators the opportunity to create great pieces of kit to re sell. An exceptionally high quality, and reliable product (lifetime warranty on hoses) means that our trade customers are never disappointed.

You will find the largest range of shapes, sizes, and diameters available immediately in stock. From enquiry to finished delivered product, you will receive the level of service you expect from a professional company, with all of our attention focused on quality and customer satisfaction. Confidentiality and integrity is always assured. We are also able to put your branding onto our silicone hoses, which is something other manufactures are not willing to do.


If you are after one off parts to work together head over to our online shop and view our stock of silicone hoses and aluminium pipes.

If you are a fabricator or distributor interested in working with us here at Viper Performance we would love to hear from you please give us a call on 01952 670 702.

How Do I Cut a Silicone Hose?

Cutting silicone hosesThere are situations where you may want to cut a silicone hose to make it smaller. It is essential that you do this in the right way to give a good finish and you do not compromise the efficiency of the hose.

There are right and wrong ways to cut silicone hoses, the correct way will depend on the hose size that you are working with. There are many questions we often get asked which we have answered below:

How do I cut small diameter unreinforced hoses or tubing?

For unreinforced silicone tubing up to around 8mm you can simply cut the tube with wire cutters, pliers or scissors.

How do I cut small diameter reinforced silicone hoses?

Small diameter reinforced silicone hoses can be cut with a parcel knife or Stanley blade. You should always ensure you use a brand new blade and please watch your fingers. This method with work on up to 25mm diameter hoses. When cutting do not roll the hose as you risk cutting you fingers

Can I use a hacksaw to cut silicone hoses?

Never use a hacksaw for any diameter hose this will create frayed material and debris inside hoses.

Can I use a vice to hold my hose whilst cutting?

If you have a vice this will make securing small hoses easier and therefore can be used for small projects. We do not advise using a vice for larger hoses as the hose will deform and move, the result will be a ruined hose.

How do I cut large diameter silicone hoses?

We will take you through the step by step process of successfully cutting large diameter silicone hoses with good results.
You will need: T bolt hose clamp to suit the size of hose, A spanner for the clamp and a Stanley knife with a brand new blade.
1. Mark the hose to cut with a permanent marker
2. Line up the clamp, tighten and secure.
3. Keep your fingers away. Now slowly use the edge of the clamp as a cutting guide. Cut along until you reach the bridge of the clamp.
4. When you reach the bridge of the clamp, you will loose that line. Rotate and readjust the clamp to get that straight line
5. Cut some more until the entire diameter is cut
6. Remove the clamp and admire your job.

Please note that our silicone hoses are perfectly cut in the factory and therefore it is impossible to get these same results at home. The tips above will give you a good result but this may take some practice. For more help please watch our how to video on youtube:

SuperFlexi Silicone Hoses

superflexi hoses

When carrying out work on your vehicle, it can sometimes be difficult to achieve the desired result when you’re restricted to rigid angled hoses. This is why we offer super flexible silicone hoses. These are particularly useful for coolant and bottom radiator connections, which can be tricky to access.

These hoses can bend to almost any shape, giving you ultimate flexibility. In addition to their flexibility, these hoses can also withstand higher pressures thanks to the steel wire spiral that is embedded into the reinforcement piles.

Available in blue, red an black, these hoses can give a striking appearance. We recommend using T Bolt clamps with our hoses, which you can also purchase from ourselves.

For more information on our SuperFlexi silicone hoses, please visit our website.


Silicone Hoses for Euro 6 Compliant vehicles

Euro VIAt the start of this year Euro VI regulations were introduced for newly registered vehicles. Vehicle manufacturers have had to overcome significant challenges in modern engine technology to comply with these regulations. In essence they call for further reductions in levels of nitrogen oxides and particulate matter.

Here at Viper Performance we have been proud to be able to be reactive to these changes and were well prepared for the challenges that were seen in 2016. Higher under bonnet temperatures, higher turbo pressures, increased coolant system pressures and stronger negative pressures in intake systems, have been typical problems, which have had to be overcome due to Euro VI.

Working with several major vehicle producers, we have turbo-charger (CAC), coolant and air intake hoses, for Euro VI vehicles. Using high quality silicone compounds, newer Aramid and revised constructions for coolant hoses, our hoses are more than capable of performing reliably on any modern engine. Our fluorosilicone lined hoses can ensure all potential issues are covered now and into the future.

If you are interested in purchasing silicone hoses for Euro VI vehicles take a look at our online shop today.

Limited Stock of Renault Silicone Hoses

Limited stockOur Renault silicone hoses are guaranteed and built with the very best materials on the market. This design is a huge improvement over the original hose.

Now discontinued (as with all Renault product) we are clearing this part number and therefore are offering it at a huge discount price to clear in order to focus on a new product. This product was £84.99 and is now £49.00. Pick up a bargain today but hurry when there gone there gone.

Black = last 4 in stock

Red =  only 1 left

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