SAE J30 R6 approved Nitril Rubber fuel hose sold by the meter length.
this fuel hose is fully compliant with SVA regulation and most types of fuel.

Our Push-On swivel hose end fittings can be used with this hose. this type of hose is Nitrile rubber all the way through, and has a single ply of fabric reinforcement.

A continuous length will be delivered if you select multiple meters

6mm - 116PSI/8Bar- Bend radius 60mm
8mm - 116PSI/8Bar- Bend radius 75mm
10mm-116PSI/8Bar- Bend radius 120mm
13mm-116PSI/8Bar- Bend radius 150mm
-Temperature Range -30°C to +100°C
-Safety Factor: 3-1
-Suitable for unleaded fuels, Methanol, Ethanol, and diesel. The hose has SAEJ30R6 markings, we do not recommend this type of hose for Bio Diesel.

Use push on fittings with this hose

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