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We provide custom tube fabrication for small batch or volume orders supplying manufacturers of air intake, induction systems, superchargers and more.

We can also supply Mandrel bends and various finishing options such as polished aluminium pipes, brushed finish pipes, natural finish, powder coated aluminium pipes, roll beading, etc.

We can also TIG weld on take offs for breathers, boses, MAF sensors, mounting brackets etc.

We CANNOT quote without a sample pipe / template or technical drawing. We are extremely competitive with aluminium fabricated pipes, and bespoke aluminium mandrel bending on volume and series as this is our speciality.  We get the best price out of our machines based on economy of scale and we only use the highest quality for our mandrel bends. 

We produce a JIG so that all your future repeat orders and 100% identical time and time again.

We cannot offer one off Aluminium Bespoke Fabrications due to the time and cost involved in purchasing materials, setting up mandrels for bending the aluminium and making a JIG.  We would however offer a 1st off prototype for your approval before making the 30 piece series. The 1st off prototype can only be offered with an order for 30 minimum.


Looking for high quality custom aluminium pipes?

Viper Performance provides custom tube fabrication for small batch or volume orders.

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What we do

What we do

At Viper Performance we work with the highest quality 6063 seamless aerospace aluminium tubing stock

Viper Performance can supply you with anything from a simple shape with one bend, to a more complex multiform shape, with tight bend radius, multi bends, in many outer diameters up to 114mm (4.5") fabricated to your specification.

Alternatively we can supply from stock an excellent range of ready-made universal aluminium pipes for you to do your own DIY fabrication including:

  • Aluminium bends
  • Aluminium straight lengths (various lengths available)
  • Aluminium Tee Piece hose connectors
  • Aluminium hose connectors

Viper Performance stands for quality and value, so you can be sure to get the most competitive prices on volume productions with price breaks from 30+(minimum), 100+ 500+ etc.




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