quick disconnect couplers for fuel or brake systems

A must in some situations, some race tracks or scrutineers will require these quick disconnect couplings which are designed for speed when disconnecting parts, fuel sampling, and helps reduce spillage of fluid when disconnecting hose lines, also protecting the operator and the environment.

Supplied complete with both parts, with each part housing a valve mechanism which permits fluid flow when connected to the opposite part, but instantly isolates the fuel flow when disconnected.
Available in AN(-dash) sizes common to brake or fuel use.

This is a professional high quality product, lightweight aluminium, double anodised in BLACK with VITON seal for Fuel versions.

The fittings will have the letters F or B for Brake use of Fuel use.

You must NOT use a brake coupler for Fuel.

BY special request we can manufacture the fittings in optional TITANIUM and anodise in Blue, Red, Purple, Silver, Gold etc..Call for Prices

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