180° Swivel End Hose Fittings for PTFE hoses.

Specifically designed for stainless Steel braided PTFE hoses. Perfect for any fuel system. PTFE hoses are also available to order on this website.

These swivel ends fittings will also match other manufacturer's PTFE type hoses.

The fittings are re-usable and made from high quality lightweight aluminium, precision CNC machined and finished with a high quality anodised finish in traditional Blue/Red colour,
or NEW high Gloss Piano Black for the more discrete look or classic motor.

These fitting are very easy to assemble onto the hose.

The fittings are sold in AN-(dash) sizes from -04 to -08 sizes.

Buy suitable PTFE braided hose

Replacement Olives available in 10 packs.

Viper Performance recommends, if possible, to pressure test all fittings before use to ensure all parts are securely fitted to your hosing.

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