Line separators will prevent hoses running in parallel to rub together, adding a separator to the system will keep the hoses tidy and in line, and also adds great visual appearance to your system.
Commonly used with braided hoses, they can also be used for silicone hoses, vacuum lines etc..

6061 Aluminium, CNC machined and beautifully anodised to match our hose ends, HEX finishers etc..

These hose separators are held together by a single fixing.

Additional data:
shows the ID of the separator, and what OD hoses will match.
use LS8 for -4 size hose
use LS13 for -6 size hose
use LS16 for -8 size hose
use LS19 for -10 size hose
use LS22 for -12 size hoses

Our hose separators provide the following separation gap:
LS8: 12mm
LS13: 12mm
LS16: 15mm
LS19: 12mm
LS22: 15mm

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