Fantastic piece of equipment, portable and supplied in a carry case.
This steel braided hose end fitting installation kit can be either bench mounted or portable. This machine will crimp AN style hose ends by hand with ease !

This is a purpose built tool for the connection of steel hose and fittings. Manual installation can be very tricky, and labour intensive. This hose end installation kit solves this problem !
Made of solid billet aluminium, this tool is built to last, and comes with a convenient carry case for ease of transportation.

This tool will enable you to assemble your fuel line, and oil lines quickly, and safely, no more cut fingers ! . The kit comes with a number of JIGS for assembling hose ends DASH-3 to DASH-12, and doubles up as a vice.

Watch our demonstration video for instructions.

Essential equipment for any garage, workshop, car builder, or race team.

Nylon vice jaws available

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Buy Crimp Style hose fittings for this hose crimping tool.

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