All of our Aluminium blanking plugs are 30mm in length with Barbed finish,
CNC machined from solid 6063 billet aluminium
designed to push inside a hose and provide a strong secure seal in any silicone hose, without slipping out.

Our Barbed design, allows for good tolerance on hose sizes 8mm plug can be used for hoses 7mm to 8mm,
10mm plug from 9.5 to 11mm,
13mm plug from 12 to 13.5mm,
16mm Plug from 15 to 16.5mm ,
19mm plug from 18 to 20mm,
25mm Plug from 22 to 25mm,
32mm Plug from 30 to 32mm.
We offer two methods of blanking off pipes/hoses:
1 - Billet aluminium Hose Blanking Plug.
2 - Silicone Blanking CAP

our aluminium plugs are CNC machined for perfect fit & grip, will fit perfectly and offer a very strong connection to all brands of silicone hoses and rubber hoses of suitable diameter. and polished for nice looks !

Our specially designed Silicone CAPS are specially molded and designed to fit over metal / hard pipe outlets you wish to block off or protect from dust or debris.
Very useful product if you need to blank off redundant breathers, connections, Dump Valves etc..

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