Bespoke Small Volume Production / OE Silicone hoses

Custom Manufacturing of Silicone Hoses.

We specilise in manufacturing small batch custom silicone hoses and Original Equipment Hoses.
With the capacity to produce small custom batches of 20 pieces to large volume series.
Price examples in this page reflect the work involved and quantities.
A small production batch will cost more than a batch of 100 pieces.

We have 2 options:

Option 1 -  "S" shapes, Branched hoses, Multiform shapes, custom shapes etc
     (will all require tooling for each hose)

Option 2 - Modifying one of our universal hoses to suit your requirements
     (custom elbows in 90 , 45 , and reducers, will require tooling modification)

Option 1 - Custom shape  ( S shapes, branched hoses, multibends etc..)

A new shape hose will require making a new forming tool called a mandrel.
Tool making costs are 40 an hour at cost plus materials. (we charge tooling to you at cost).
Hose prices depend on quantities, with larger quantities benefiting of economies of scale.

(please note: although the video above mentions one offs, as the 1st Aug 2018 we no longer offer one off hoses) 

Hose size, shape complexity and quantities affects both tooling and hose production price 
Please contact us to get an accurate price for the steel tool and for making the hoses.

MINIMUM OF 20 to small batches of 50 UNITS
The prices in the table bellow are examples only:


QUANTITIES  100, 250, 1000 etc..

Economies of scale mean that the cost per hose can be very different for volume manufacturing,
with excellent discounts and very competitive prices in our market.  We have the capacity to produce
large volumes of 1000, to 100 000 pieces if required.
We will be requiring a 3D drawing or an original rubber hose for a firm quotation.
We cannot quote or estimate from verbal descriptions or pictures of parts.

NOTE: for large volume of silicone hoses you may need multiple tooling to speed up
the daily production. Our hoses are hand made and only so many can be made in a working day.


Option 2 -   Modifying our universal hoses to make custom sizes

Our universal hoses tools are constructed to allow us in some cases to modify our elbow or reducer tools
to suit your requirements. 
For example for making a silicone elbow with longer, or unequal lengths and unusual diameters.

 * We can only adapt the following shapes: 90 Elbows, 45 elbows, Straight Reducers, 90 & 45 Reducers. 
 * We cannot offer a change length on any of the other angles, or alter any bend radius or multi angled hoses.
Anything else requires new dedicated tooling (see prices in this page in option 1).

What will it cost? 
    1 - Altering an existing tool costs 75 (inc vat)
2 - The hose cost is based on the normal retail price of a similar hose of this shape and length.
* Minimum order 2 hoses, maximum 6pcs 
* Lead time is 3 to 4 weeks to allow alterations and manufacturing.

Modified / custom hoses offer great value when you consider that the cost price of a dedicated new 
average mandrel price would cost in excess of 180+ 
Please note:  The maximum lengths are 150 to 200mm long depending on the donor tool and a maximum
of 6 pieces only can be produced using this method as the modifications are designed for very low production
and tooling modifications wear out quickly. Longer lengths or quantities of more than 4 will require new tooling.
From prices on this please see Option 1 at the top of this page.

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