Do you make custom silicone hose?

Yes we do. Prices are based on quantities, shape and diamters.
See price estimates here:  Custom Hoses Info

Can you make custom colours?

Yes we can !   (read further for costs and minimum orders)
We have made several limited edition silicone hoses in the past. 
We can offer silicone hose manufacturing  to match specific RAL codes.
There is a lot of work and costs involved with this, we must also purchase pigments, mix and create
a workable material.  This is uneconomical for small orders.  You need to budget from a minimum
£650 onwards for making one off colours, plus the cost of making the hoses.
To mix to RAL codes will likely cost in excess of £850

Can I have my own logo on the hose?

Yes we can !    (Please read the following info for details).
We need to set create artwork file, printing plates and print 
silicone transfers.  We cannot offer this service for small orders
as It is uneconomical. It is not possible to add logos once the hose is made.
We will not print 3rd party brands or registered trade marks. 
(you must own the rights) .
As a price guide, you need to budget from around £285 to £380 at cost
This covers artwork set up fees, printing plates, and print run.
Please note: hoses with your logo will benefit of our lifetime warranty.
Viper branded hoses are in stock for next day delivery.
Custom hoses are made to order and subject to our lead times.

Can I shrink or stretch the diameters if I buy the wrong size?

No, you do need to order the hose as close as possible to the size needed.
Silicone hoses will only 'stretch' in diameter by about 1mm, or at most 2mm for very large diameter hoses.
Silicone hoses will not compress, so never buy a silicone hose which is too big in diameter.
We do not warranty our hoses if they have been used incorrectly.

How can I trim / cut the hose ?

This 4 minute tutorial will show you how to  !

How does Viper Performance compare to other brands?

-Viper Performance silicone hoses are all hand built, using the highest grade silicones,
Best reinforcement fabrics and feature a protective silicone inner liner.
- All Viper hoses have a lifetime warranty !
-We have the UK's largest stocks on Blue, Red, Black, in hundreds of shapes and sizes, 
-We have quick lead times for custom items & for special orders,
-Best value for quality.
-We normally ship the same day most orders received by 14:00.
Other known UK brands generally have a much longer lead time of up to 6-8 weeks
-15% of our sales are direct to the public via our website,
-85% of our sales are to trade.
-We manufacture our own silicone hoses

Do you deliver Worldwide?

Yes! most places
Shipping rates are calculated depending on the volumetric weight.
Please place items in basket to get quote. International non UK orders are 
tax free for export. 

Can I visit you ?

- We cannot service the general public at our Telford Site.
- Retail clients can click and collect form TELFORD by prior Arrangement only.

What's so different about a Viper Performance Hose?

Quality is paramount to us.
The latest & best Silicones are used to make Viper Performance Silicone hoses,
we follow closely new developments in the industry and test new compounds.
We use purpose made High quality Polyester fabric or Nomex (aramid) reinforcements
which will give the hose flexibility and high burst resistance.

Our fabric reinforcements are embedded into the Silicone and applied by hand.
All viper hoses are individually hand built, this allows our hose builders to check the hose
and eliminate any air traps during build and make the perfect hose.

Viper Performance make the toughest silicone hoses on the market.
Many other brands and imported hoses use Low cost, low quality general purpose
silicones hoses are usually made with very cheap silicone grades containing large quantities
of fillers.  (Fillers dilute and cheapen the silicone content and are very common in low cost
budget hoses to bring the cost of materials down, they are a cheap alternative but do NOT
give the hose any good mechanical tensile strengths or any life expectancy)

Hoses packed out with with fillers will be far less reliable in the long run which is common
practice with hoses made in the Far East or Asia to cut cost, this product is littered all over
auction sites.  Half of the material is half a hose, half the performance, Half the life expectancy! 

A good quality Silicone Hose will be much better than a rubber hose, a cheap quality silicone
hose is unlikely to offer any improvement over an EPDM natural rubber hose, other than
having a coloured hose!

Don't be fooled by claims of sellers on some online & Auction sites selling Blue hoses as
Silicone here are a couple of videos: not scientific tests, but you get the idea...
VIDEO : We compare several generic hoses found online

How does a Viper Performance hose perform?

Most of our silicone hoses have been pressure tested when designed.
This is done to withstand maximum pressures allowed by the material. (see technical data section)
Our hoses are built to SAE J20 R1 Class A. specification
Race teams including F1 teams to Rail, and Marine trust Viper!
We also offer burst pressure testing service if required.

How do you measure the lengths on your elbows?

Most hose manufacturers use the same method, but do check with others. Viper Performance measures
the elbows lengths from the centerline of the bend radius to the cut face. There are some exceptions though
so please check the video here to see exactly how we measure the legs on all of our elbows.

How do I stop hoses from "popping off" under pressure?

If pressure is high you will need roll beaded ends on the pipes your hoses connect to,
the correct type of clip and hose size is also important. SEE VIDEO.

Anything not covered here ?

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Brands that trust Viper Performance:

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