Low Toxicity & Fire retardant grade silicone

With similar mechanical properties as standard automotive silicones but with flame resistance, holds an aggressive flame rating. Silicone is a naturally heat resistant rubber, however without enhanced chemistry it is capable of burning in the presence of a flame. Our specially sourced fire grade material may be used similarly to standard silicone hoses such as water / coolant hoses or inter-cooler hoses but also for application such as military and electronics that require a flame rating or flame resistance.

This is the material of choice for the passenger / transport market in particular the rail industry which specifies this type of material. Our silicone hoses for Rail / trains can be made for engine cooling application, even water feeds for kitchens, toilets and more..

Low Toxicity

The Rail & Mass Transportation sector demands materials that are self extinguishing and donot give off harmful gases when ignited. Formalised in the BS6853 certifications these materials must also operate between -60 and +250C whilst retaining demanding physical characteristics. Our low toxicity silicone material are Grey in colour for identification purposes.

Viper Performance's low smoke, low toxicity silicone has recently been tested to meet the new European fire safety standards, applied in the rail industry. The step comes after changes are being made to the way the regulations are classified.

Currently, a number of national regulations and market led standards are in place such as the British BS 6853, French NF 16101 and the German DIN 5510. To ensure continuity and a high level of safety for European rail travel, the national standards are soon to be replaced with a new European standard, EN 45-545.

The new fire and smoke regulation aims to guarantee the safety and evacuation of passengers and staff in the event of a fire. UK figures show that the most common cause of death from a fire is being overcome by smoke and toxic fumes, which accounts for over 60% of all deaths. This high percentage shows the importance of low smoke/toxicity silicones and the benefits they provide in such an event.

Fire grade / low toxicity hoses will be made to order only. The raw material must be fresh, and is therefore purchased to order and in minimum batches. There are therefore minimum orders for manufacturing hoses in this material equivalent to 25kg of raw material minimum.

There is also a price premium for this specialist material compared to normal automotive grade silicones. Datasheets and Safety Sheets are available upon request.

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