Fluorosilicone hose (FVMQ) Typical operating temperatures : -60?C to +170?C continuous, or +180?C intermittent.

Made to order, our Fluoro lined silicone hoses use a specially compounded silicone called FluoroSilicone.

Standard Silicone rubber is porous, therefore not suitable for oil/gaz and fuel.

This grade is specially formulated to prevent oil from penetrating the wall.

Because the FluoroSilicone material is a very expensive material many of our competitors dilute (cut) the material

to save money such as 60/40 or even 50/50 mix by adding large quantities of fillers.

This of course reduces the resistance to oils.

Here at Viper Performance we only use the highest concentration of 80/20 mix

of flurosilicone to give you the best possible resistance against oil.

Chemical properties

Excellent resistance to hydrocarbons, fuel vapour, mineral and synthetic oils and greases,

and suitable for use with mineral-based hydraulic fluids.

Its more general use is limited by high gas permeability, low tensile strength and poor resistance to tear and abrasion.

We would not recommend Fluosilicone for Fuel lines, or heavy use of Fuel Filling,

Occasional fuel usage and vapour will be fine.

Rubber materials such as Nitrile or Neoprene are best suited for Fuel.

To order

We offer optional FluroSilicone liners with most of our silicone hoses,

simply click the shape you need and select "FLUORO",

Please allow just 10-12 days average for Fluoro Lined Hoses.

You will find our price extremely competitive for this specialist grade.

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