Viper performance can supply from stock hundreds of universal hoses 
in all shapes and forms in our online shop to retail and business clients
catering for most automotive markets as well as many other markets
where standard polyester reinforced hoses for air and water are needed,
and where operating temperatures are -40° to +180°C.

We also sell larger volumes to trade / wholesale, please contact us 
for details and  pricing structure. (we would also ask you to fill in
our dealer enquiry form)

A large part of our business is manufacturing and supplying many markets
with specialist silicone product all manufactured to specific grades and to
customer requirements.

Materials possible are OAT grade, Rail grade, FDA grade and more.

Here is a list of markets we can build or supply to, 
you will find further information for each of the markets:

Automotive Application

Rail and Bus Hoses

Marine Silicone Hoses

Silicone Hoses for Wind Turbines

Silicone Hoses for Plant & Machinery

Silicone Hoses for power generators

Silicone rubber tubing in the Dairy Industry

Silicone Hoses for military/defence & specialist vehicle applications

Brands that trust Viper Performance:

Brands that trust viper