High temperature silicone hoses explained

Standard automotive silicone hoses (also known as autosilicone hoses) use standard silicone materials offers continuous operating temperature -55°C to +180°C built with reinforcement layers of Polyester fabric. In certain applications this temperature rating is not sufficient and the hose specification calls for something more resistant to higher operating temperatures.

Viper Performance offers from stock just about every single shape and size silicone hose imaginable with polyester reinforcements for temperatures of up to 180°C. We also make to order silicone hoses which can withstand much higher operating temperatures of up to 220°C. This is achieved by embedding multiple layers (plies) of specialist high temperature fabric to replace the polyester. This man made reinforcement fabric is known as an Aramid fabric.

Viper Performance uses an Aramid fabric brand called Nomex® made by the Dupont company which is of excellent quality and an inherently flame-resistant, high-temperature fiber that will not melt, drip or support combustion in air. In the engine bay, it also delivers outstanding resistance to high temperature applications such as those feeding hot air to inlet manifolds. Nomex® reinforced hoses are best suited where ;high temperatures are a concern, and is an excellent upgrade to the Polyester reinforcements where a more reliable connection is required, in particular for high performance, and demanding applications.

Made to order, our Nomex® reinforced hoses can be ordered via our online shop Please allow just 6-12 days average for delivery. You will find our price extremely competitive for this specialist reinforcement. Our Nomex Reinforced hoses are usually BLACK in outer finish. We are able to produce other colours with Nomex®, this is subject to a volume order.

Cost implications of Nomex

Nomex® is a high specification material and fabric used in hundreds of applications other than making hoses, it is used for example to make race driver suits, fire fighter suits, aerospace and much more. We purchase the Nomex® material my the square meter supplied onto a 50 or 100 meter roll, compared to polyeser fabric Nomex® can be about four to six times the cost of polyester fabric.

This therefore has an impact on hose price. A Nomex® hose will typically add 80% to the cost of a silicone hose compared to polyester.

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