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2nd MARCH 2016
Hi all at Viper,
I am not sure who to direct my email to. I have to tell you that Viper rocks.
Best hoses I have ever seen Period. I have tried before many Ebay hoses,
and several other US brands. None and I mean none look, and feel the same.
Miles ahead here, fast delivery too.  Our workshop manager will now only
order your product from here on. Shipping is a little expensive to Canada,
do you have a dealer in Alberta ?
Raymond Dasilava  -Red Deer - Alberta 

7th JANUARY 2016
I should have tried you guys first. I emailed and called several other hose companies,
all others either never answered telephone calls or took a week to reply to email.
No one was interested in my custom hoses. I want to thank you for your can-do approach,
you made my custom batch of hoses for me quickly and professionally.
You will be my 1st call in the future.
John Spires  - Cincinnati - U.S.A 

14th OCTOBER 2015
Thank you for getting back to me so fast...would like to say thank you and fantastic.
I will recommend you as you seem a great and helpful company. Rare these days,
I messaged a few others, how either did not want to help or did not even reply.
Mike - Bromsgrove

08th APRIL 2015

We are pleased to say that we have finally managed to finish sorting out all the packages and are extremely

pleased with all your products. We would like to thank you for all the professionalism that you have shown us,

and for the way everything has been packed and delivered.

Bogdan, Vector, Romania

12th DEC 2014

Hi Peter,

The shipment arrived today, 24 hours door to door Cyprus.

We have been buying silicone hoses for over 20 years and I must say that your quality

far exceeds anything we have used to date.

Thanks for a painless and super efficient service.

We will have to consider carefully our future preferred supplier as not withstanding your product quality,

we are used to paying a bit less for silicone.


Mike Johnson, Cyprus

25th NOV 2014

Your service is just very good, I have to share it with you. I had a very good communications by email with

the people at Viper Performance, they gave me precise information and were very honest with what they

could do and how. Finally, the hoses fit perfectly and they look incredibly good. The classic wrap finish is

just perfect. I did a trial fit and the hoses are gorgeous. I thank everyone there.

Thank you Peter and good evening.

Philippe Vile, Avry de Pont, Switzerland

30th Oct 2014

Hi there, just watched your new manufacturing video and thought I'd let you know that the

90 degree elbow I purchased from you several months back for my preserved 1952 AEC Regal IV

coach has been performing flawlessly since being installed and as the other hoses need replacing

I will certainly pay the extra for the quality that Viper performance gives over other makes.

I was very impressed at the care taken at all stages of the manufacturing process and it certainly

shows in the quality of the finished product which I am using, thank you.

Geoff Burtenshaw, Rochdale, Lancs

28th July 2014

I just wanted to pass on my thanks for the awesome megane hose you supplied.

The whole order process was pain less and you were very helpful over the phone.

I am already measuring up my 'A**' silicone hoses to get them replaced with viper
performance ones. Awesome product, awesome staff. Overall awesome. Keep up the good work!


Sam Burdett, Kettering

17th April 2014

After meeting you at the Autosport show and spending time comparing brands and quality,

in detail our company was very impressed with the professionalism and quality of your product
against the competition, we where subsequently very pleased with your supply ability and
service and efforts made to comply with our purchasing and quality check protocols.

Our purchasing team will continue to source Viper hose product into 2015 with our ***** project.

Salutations, Przemek Shulte, SKT international, Poland

11th November 2013

Hi Peter many many thanks for the great service you give and thank you

for the reducers , they not only look excellent and are as you say much stronger !!

Best wishes for the festive season that is nearly upon us,!

Kindest Regards, Martin, Littlehampton

29th August 2013

Dear Viper,

It's rare these days where my expectations are met, let alone surpassed...

The service, price and quality of product received by Viper following my purchase have prompted

me to drop you a note. I was in the market for an intercooler hose for my car,

there's plenty available but they come at a hefty price. I saw yours advertised and took my chances.

The Hose arrived along with 2x substantial clamps (Similar quality from my local Motor Factors cost £15).

I was emailed with delivery details and progress etc.

The hose arrived the very next day along with a warranty card, certificate of conformity and a 'free' key ring.

I received outstanding service, a fantastic product and achieved almost a 50% saving on the RRP

I cannot recommend your company and product highly enough.

Please be assured that the extra time and trouble you guys spend on the important stuff

will always set you aside from the usual mediocrity.

Keep up the good work


A very happy customer

A. Bowlas, Macclesfield, UK

4th March 2013

The pipes arrived yesterday and all in just WONDERFUL shape! I must say how happy
I am because last week I got four pipes from a local ebay seller that were suppose
to be VG quality ??, they where crap my welder went nuts, short deadline for race event !.
I got a refund though, but had to buy them over again and come to you. It is said you get what you pay for!

Your pipes on the other hand were great, proper quality, and I'm very happy!

Thanks again for your super fast shipping and honest quality and have a great week ahead.

Stephen, Bradford

1st March 2013

Glad to know the cake was appreciated! It was quite a task to arrange all the way from

Denmark but as you found out I succeeded. It was a way for us to tell you we are
very glad that you help us out and provide excellent service every time we do business with you.

R.Steen, Edge Performance, Denmark

Our customer has sent the office team a cake which we all enjoyed very much !

Thank you!!

25th Feb 2013

Hi Edward,I had a very good time doing business with you guys shipping was spectacular

and the service thanx a lot..I have another order with you If you could please email me the tracking

again after the purchase id appreciate it and if you have a couple black keychains I ll hand them out

to a couple friends with a good word of mouth for you..Anyways thank you

Darren Miller, Canada

2nd January 2013

Dear Viper Performance staff,

Happy & Prosperous new year to you. I wanted to express my thankfulness for a refreshing company which does

make the commercial effort of quoting and replying to emails and phone calls, no one else in the UK was interested

in our project. We came to you first, and still despite your delivery, no one else in UK has yet contacted me.

The other companies, in future we will not approach.

I hope the special bespoke project you make will succeed here, and hope to develop bigger volumes for 2013 season

What a quick turnaround at this time of year, you quoted 6 weeks for my prototype and 1st batch,

it was all done and received in 3 weeks. Thank you for your professionalism

We hope for successful long term relationship.

RegardsLing Ho Cheng, Malaysia

30th Dec 2012

To sales,

Many thanks, the hose I ordered arrived this morning in record time and I will be fitting it
as soon as the rain outside stop as I must work outside due to too many bikes hanging in the
garage. A main Morgan dealer could not supply this hose from stock for our 1990 Plus 4. In the
past I have bought the odd moulded hoses from our local now gone Rover dealer
but as this is the 3rd thermostat to heater pipe to fail due to simple rot I am sure your hose will
correct this problem and in due time will replace all the coolant hoses with your product. Great service.

Kind regardsDennis and Sylvia O'Neil. And also our Plus 4 156,000 mile Morgan

26th Dec 2012

You let me down, I wanted my order for Christmas, so that I could work on my car,

during the holiday. the Goods did not arrive on time, I want a refund now. I will never use you again

Raj Sahota

OUR REPLY / OUR VIEW: order was placed on 23rd Dec at 16:30 !

Royal mail standard delivery was selected by buyer. If urgent 24hr courier should be selected

by buyer at time of order. Christmas post with R.Mail cannot be guaranteed next day, it is only a

small extra to upgrade shipping to carrier, buyer was called and offered this over the phone, and declined

on the basis of cost, and said it would be OK.
Urgent orders should not be left 30 minutes before couriers collect from us.

22th Dec 2012

Thanks for your follow up email on our 1st order,

Yes we are happy with your swivel end fittings and braided hose we received last month.

At this price we thought they would not be very good, we have been buying Go....dge product for years.

They are nice to fit and work the same, and a lot less expensive..:) glad to have tried them.

Now can you guys quote me for ....pieces of the same fittings I last ordered.

Any discount for trade? we will buy regular stocks

Merry Christmas


Quest Engineering

18th November 2012

Dear Viper Team,

Thank you for helping me out last Thursday when I called in to your showroom as you where closing,

thanks to Dan for staying after hours.

I have never bout a Viper product before, the hoses you supplied me on the day are really impressive,

very well made. I have not seen hoses like this before, having bought so many cheaper hoses on Ebay

in the past and they turn out not to last any longer than black rubber ones.

For a couple of pounds more you get top quality and a guarantee !, well done nice to see that from a local company.

I was back up and running within an hour and got the job done, I feel confidant that your robust hoses will burst on

the job and not let us down.

Simon Clayton


****** Plant Hire Ltd

15th November 2012


The Ford Focus Kit arrived today thank you.

In time for my husband's Christmas present.

Nice hoses, he will like the colour!.

I did not expect to order at half past three yesterday and get them in the post this morning.

Merry Christmas to all at viper performance.

Jena McFarley


19th July 2012

Hello Peter,

I would like you to forward this email to your managing director.

It is regarding our ........ engine development work.

Your company quoted us within 1 hour for tooling and hoses.

You made and delivered our tooling and prototype hoses in just 5 days,

for your information other companies we approached did not even have the courtesy to reply
to several of our emails after weeks, and not even returned our calls, or acknowledge our enquiry!.
I guess they either don't care or don't need the work.

Anyway, your professionalism provided us with product we needed in critical timescales.

You have met our tight deadline, and provided a super service and top notch workmanship,

you did not blag lead times to get the deal, you kept your promise and delivered on the dot.

This was a stressful contractual deadline project of high value to our company,
almost compromised by the dis-interest of all other hose companies we approached.

A job well done, you deserve success in this tough economic climate.

I will get our procurement team to contact you next week regarding our ......... project.


Alastair Turrini

Head of Development

....... (company details edited due to Non Disclose Agreement with this client)

Oxford, England

15th July 2012

Are you guys for real?

The kit arrived today and it is amazing looking, feeling - top notch quality. I am sold!!!

I will be ordering up some stuff for my trackday car when it gets back

and the package

arrived so promptly via DHL. You really have spoiled me for service.

Thanks again for a wonderful purchase experience.


Paul Kingsburgh

Houston Texas

12th March 2012

Hi Peter,

this is the video and pictures from the last drag racing event in Bulgaria.

We have a 3 first places, Class FWD, Class Diesel and Class Street.

and the cars are equiped with Viper Silicone Hoses.


Thank you ;)

Best Regards

M.Motorsport Team

15th Feb 2012

Hi Mate, I never bother writing comments normally

but you realy can't beat this service mate, so I thought I'd drop a comment

Refreshing to see this service which makes a change. Also top quality guys, better than S....

Cheers lads

Don, Manchester

8th January 2012

I used many other brands over last decade for our engines,

I must tell you guys, I have not seen better quality anywhere else,

superb stuff, and thank you for all your technical advise !

From now it's got to be Viper all the way for us

Allan Simmonds

S.R.G Racing, Denver, Colorado, USA

25th November 2011

The managing director,

I am writing to you with regards to how very happy I am with the service thats been provided to me from you and your team,

in particularly Peter. I have spent in excess of £300 in the past 4 weeks through him and will be returning again and again

in the future to address my requirements.

The ease of ordering, issues with finding correct pipes/fixings etc and delivery efficiency is outstanding.

Again, compliments to you and your services.


Robert Jan-Janin, Caversham

8th November 2011

Team Viper,

1 -We wish to express our infinite gratitude for the fast tooling, and prototype work.

2 - Parts made are all correct to drawing and no defects

3- Product tested and meets all our stringent requirements

4- Quality of build and material is of high standard.

5- Your communications with our organisation where excellent during this project,

with your order acknowledgement, progress updates, shipping confirmation,

export documentation, and follow up conversations.

On a personal note, I would like to add for your information and benefit
that I have never had pleasure to experience an organised service
like this before from any other hose companies

and makes a refreshing change with quick lead time, communications and unlike much inferior
automotive aftermarket products made in our corner of the globe you have a super quality.

I will soon be in touch regarding the drawings we discussed on Friday.

Kindest Regards

Kiambang Kian Mawar, Purchasing Manager, Q.......Energy, Malaysia.

23rd October 2011


The order has already arrived, how quick, 3 days!.

Everything perfect, well packaged and very fast shipping.

I will recommend your company to the whole S2000 community in Portugal and everywhere around.

Great product!

Thank you very much for everything.

Best regards,

Rui Alves, Portugal

20th September 2011

Hi Kirsty,

The service was very quick indeed thank you.

Very much appreciated. Plus it has a lovely fresh from the mould marzipan smell to it haha.


John Godwin, Darlington

11th August 2011

Peter, thanks for your professionalism and giving news of my order to me.

Cedric BARME,

France August 2011

9th August 2011

Hi. You guys are the best, its nice doing business with .

Yes all hoses are blue as mentioned on my email.

I am sending you a foto of an engine i installed on my boat using your parts.

I am putting up a new one as we speak. More fotos following . LOL .

Once again thanks for all ,and we will be in touch .


Harry Lionis, Greece

10th June 2011


I ordered some 51mm hose from you last night at around 4pm,

it arrived at 8.50am this morning! Perfect item and superb service!

I've will recommend you, so hopefully you'll have some more publicity from that.

I will be in touch soon to order some more bits.

Stevie Little, Greenock, Scotland

18th May

Hoses arrived today. Thank you very much for your great service and great products!

Happy customer

Peter, Colchester

10th April 2011

HI again,

Thank you again so much for your assistance and understanding. It is very much appreciated.

If space/weight allows in the parcel, please can you slip a few brochures for your products in,

and I'll make sure they get to others in the local Mini Community here in Australia.

It would be great to see a few extra orders come your way from such amazing customer service!

Many thanks and kindest regards,


David Kelly, Sydney Australia

Hi Dan,

7th April 2011

My hoses order arrived today - beautifully made hoses !!! Thanks


Adrian, Stafford

4th April 2011

Hi Peter,

Thank you for your quick response for the shipment.

Much appreciated.

Best regards

Sabu Japan

1st April 2011

Well, ordered yesterday at 4PM got this order this morning at 9!

my first order with you, I am switching over to you now!,

Been in the business for 20years, and never have I come accoross this quality and speed!.

Keep this up.

Des Bellani, GT Projects, Aberdeen

Hello to you,

Many thanks for the first delivery. I'm really very impressed of your outstanding quality!

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Martin Germany

28th March 2011

Hello to you,

Many thanks for the first delivery. I'm really very impressed of your outstanding quality!

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Martin Germany

25th March 2011

Hello Dan,

I received the bespoke superflex fuel filler hose in good order on Friday.

Looks very good i must say , i'm gonna mount it this afternoon.

Thanks and kind regards,

Franky Ginneberge, Belgium

22th March 2011


I am writing to you to commend one of your staff. (Peter).

He is a credit to your company. Dealing with my order for hoses and clips in a very friendly and professional manner.

He personalised the sale and made me want to recommend viper-performance to other owners on the fiat coupe owners club forum.

I wish that I had some staff of his calibre.

I don't know if you run a staff recognition scheme but if you do, please consider this as a nomination.

By the way, the hoses and clips were excellent quality too and I would have no hesitation in recommending your company.


Mick Smithson, Canvey Island

24th March 2011

Hi Peter,

First of all, I just want pass on my thanks and gratitude to you for your help with this order.

It was an absolute pleasure to speak with you and it seemed like you couldn't do enough for me.

In short... Brilliant!!

Thanks again, and I look forward to dealing with you again in the future.

Jon Corlett

BSc Hons, MIQ Isle of Man

16th March 2011

Hello guys,

Great service to me. Usually I don't receive a call from my suppliers when

I order. So I really appreciate.
I don't know how to thank you.

Thanks, Regards

Davide, Italy

6th March 2011

Hi Peter and Dan,

I love you for this ;-) You deserve an Oscar

Really do appreciate this, will stick a post on coupe owners club to praise your service

Mick, Canvey island

20th Feb 2011


Hoses arrived today. Many Thanks. Now fitted they look really good.

Once again many thanks, great service.

Frank Nottingham

19th Feb 2011,br>

Hello Peter,

Thank you a lot for your technical answers.

It's a pleasure deal with you, for your best quality product and for your quick communication.

I've received the bespoke part it's perfect for my work.

May you make me a quantity offer.


Regards Davide, Italy

7th Jan 2011

To the Viper team,

Happy new year from all here, we want to thank you for the fast development work

and production you did for us just before your Christmas break, and fly it in to us ahead of schedule.

The 1st class quality and turnaround time allowed us to complete our prototype project on time.

Keep your quality and service up !
We look forward to signing our contract with ..... .......

and hope to keep ordering througout 2011 with this project.

kind regards

Conrad .........

......Development, Gent, Belgium

16th Dec 2010


Ok thank you for everything. Your customer service is truly excellent!

Matthieu Girardin, France

10th Dec 2010

Hello Tom,

I just received the items today. The hoses look great.

Thanks for the packaging, very professional, pipes arrived in perfect condition!

I hope i find some time soon enough to have them installed.

Thanks again.

Giannis milakis Dec 2010 Greece

8th Dec 2010

HI Peter,

thanks for all the great product(which is on the car and looks great)

kind regards



24th Nov 2010

Hello Peter,

Just a quick mail to say a big thanks for pulling out the stops and helping

with the 180deg 50mm bend at super short notice.

Thank you so much ;-)

Best Regards,

Jules Freeman




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