Warranty terms and conditions (silicone hoses)

From the 1st of SEPT 2009, Viper Performance where the first in the market to warranty its silicone hoses.
Confident with our quality after 4 years with a 0.01% defect rate.

What parts are included under warranty?
The warranty covers all Viper Performance branded universal silicone hoses and silicone hose kits 
purchased via Viper Performance's website, dealer or re-seller as follows: 
     -  3 years for items invoiced from 1st sept 2009
     -  Lifetime for items invoiced from 1st nov 2013
There is no warranty on parts purchased prior to 1st sep 2009

What parts are NOT included under the lifetime warranty?
Lifetime warranty is only on silcone hoses, therefore Aluminium pipes, tanks, Hose clamps,
Breather filters, Ducting, Braided Hoses, Hose fittings, and all accessories are excluded.

Silicone Hoses made by Viper Performance but with your custom branding, or made plain with 
no branding are warranted for 3 years.

Viper Performance cannot warranty its product if the product purchased by the customer
is of incorrect or unsuitable specification for the customer's intended use and application.

It is the customer's responsibility to correctly specify the product or to consult with Viper
Performance about material choices, and order the correct sizes, shapes and grades for
the intended application.

Viper Performance Silicone hoses are manufactured to a quality and standard to operate to the
temperatures and burst pressures detailed on Viper Performance's technical pages of the website.

Viper Performance cannot be held responsible for a dealer / re-seller incorrectly informing or advising
the purchaser on suitable grades.

Warranty claim procedure:
Customers are required to inspect the goods prior to fitting, should the goods be unsatisfactory,
the goods must not be used or fitted. The returns policy is detailed on Viper Performance's terms
and conditions of sale.

Goods returned to Viper under warranty must be posted to Viper Performance directly and not its
re-sellers or dealers.  

All warranty claims must include a copy of the original Viper Performance sales invoice, or dealer /
re-seller invoice, and original part which us claimed against for inspection. You must include your
contact details. Warranty claims will be void without proof of purchase and faulty part to inspect.

The cost of carriage of returned parts to Viper Performance is the responsibility of the purchaser.
Viper Performance will cover the costs of carriage back to the purchaser of the replaced items claimed
should the warranty claim be honored.

Viper performance will inspect returned goods, a decision will be made to honor or decline the warranty
claim according to our testing and inspection criteria. please allow 3-5 working days for processing.
Parts and warranty claims should be sent to Viper by recorded delivery or similar signed for service.

Should the product be deemed to be of working condition and fit for purpose, Viper Performance will void
the claim. A replacement product will not be offered. No cash alternative can be claimed for. 

Viper Performance will inform the purchaser and the parts will be held at Viper Performance until the purchaser
makes a payment in full for the cost of shipping the item(s) back to the purchaser. 

Viper Performance will hold parts which fails the warranty claim for a maximum of 90 days. 
The parts will be destroyed without notification to the purchaser should the purchaser have not paid
adequate or sufficient return carriage or made suitable arrangements for collection of goods rejected,
or if no further communication is received.

Viper Performance will replace the faulty goods claimed for which have been inspected and approved for
a warranty claim. Such goods will be replaced either from stock if available or built to order according to stock
or lead times.

Viper Performance cannot be held responsible for time penalties, direct or indirect costs involved to the
purchaser with lead times for producing replacement parts or for the failure of the part.

Replacement parts will be of the same size, specification , dimension, colour as originally ordered.
No cash alternative or further compensations will be offered by Viper Performance in any way.

The goods replaced may be of a slightly different look and aspect to the original part as Viper Performance
may change, its designs, colour tones, logos, and specifications over time.

Viper Performance will not honour warranty nor replace goods which have developed a fault due to incorrect
choice of specification by the purchaser, for example such as ordering Polyester hoses when Flurosilicone lined,
or nomex reinforcements should have originally be specified.

Warranty Exclusions:

The warranty is not transferable, the parts guaranteed are only for the use of the original purchaser,
or end user, once the parts are fitted, the warranty will be void if the parts are used for applications other
than the original intended use, engine or vehicle, the use of incorrect clamps, or incorrectly tightened.

The warranty will be void if the parts show evidence of being incorrectly fitted, tampered with, too tight or
too loose for the intended use (purchaser has bought the incorrect size and tried to fit this).
Incorrect shape or diameter purchased which has stressed the hose during use and created weak points as
a result. 

Warranty will not be honoured if the grade of reinforcement, or flurosilicone liner is incorrectly specified by
the purchaser, or where waterless coolant systems are in use and OAT hoses have not been specified by

Viper Performance will test and analyse the returned part and reject warranty claims to any parts which show
signs of failure due to heat excess, excessive oil vapours, fuel degradation, due to incorrect use or incorrect
specification choice.

Polyester reinforced hoses which are fitted too close to a hot turbo, manifold,  excessive heat source or
subject to excessive oil mist / vapour may fail.  Viper Performance cannot cover the warranty when the correct
grade should have originally be purchased. 

Hoses which show signs of damage due to incorrect or unsuitable clamping cannot be covered by warranty.
Hoses which are used for applications and environments which are unsuitable cannot be covered by
the warranty.

Waterless coolant systems must have correct grade OAT resistant hoses.

Hoses which are discolouring, softening or hardening due to excessive heat, exposure to chemicals, oil spray,
general road dirt,chemicals unsuitable for silicone, and general change in outer appearance cannot be replaced
under warranty as long as the mechanical properties of the hose remain fit for purpose.

Viper Performance cannot warranty hoses which may have perished due to aggressive unsuitable coolants.

Limitation of claims:
Viper Performance warranty does not include any compensation for any personal or third party costs or losses
arising from the defective part.  Viper Performance will test and check the returned part(s) if failure is due to 
misuse, bad fitment, incorrect specification, incorrect size, and incorrectly fitted, in which case any warranty
claims will be void and all of the parts claimed for in the event of a multiple parts claim will also be void.

By ordering a Viper Performance product the purchaser accepts Viper performance's terms and conditions of
sale and warranty conditions.

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