Manufacturing,  Wholesale & Online Retailing
of Silicone Hoses, aluminium pipes & associated product

We have over 40,000 items of stock, with 40,000 hoses  & pipes of any size and shape !

Our mission statement since 2005: 
High quality hoses in any shape and size &  Great customer service.


Viper Performance Hoses Ltd is an independent silicone hose manufacturer based in the heart of England.
Prior to setting up Viper performance, the founder spent many years working for a major silicone hose
manufacturer producing hoses for Original Equipment Manufacturers of cars, truck, bus, defence and
other commercial applications.  During this time an in depth knowledge of the industry and market at
international levels was gained.

In 2004, The business started out initially only retailing generic unbranded silicone hoses made by an
existing UK manufacturer. The overriding principles for this new business were excellence of product
and customer service, together with having large stocks available for immediate delivery to customers.
The industry average lead times of 4 to 6 weeks for standard build hoses might have been the norm,
but certainly not in line with Viper's vision or those involved in the Automotive or Motor Sport industry.

2005, Viper Performance was created as a brand and saw the launch of the Viper web site, to enable the
public to purchase silicone hoses online, at the time this facility was not offered by any rivals in this industry.
Viper's moto and philosophy to this day was fast product turnaround from stock, providing a
quality product, and a high level of customer care. 

2006, saw the need move to larger premises to cope with the growing demand for its products.
The demand from trade customers grew as word spread of the service offered and quick lead times.
Customers where able to meet the team at various events.
Viper Performance knew that it was competing against cheaper versions of hoses made with much cheaper
materials, loaded with fillers, and poor quality fabrics which were being passed off on various auction sites as
silicone hoses. The trade was becoming wise to this and was naturally drawn to Viper Performance because
of its uncompromising attitude to top quality in all its materials and build protocols.
Viper Performance needed to take complete control of its material sourcing, build quality and tool making.
Viper Performance began manufacturing its own hoses in 2006.

In 2007  saw the launch of an improved 2nd generation website, this time with a dealer area access, a unique
service in our industry at the time.  Forward thinking and technical improvements in tool making, manufacturing
systems and bespoke IT systems allowed Viper Performance to economically offer small production silicone
hoses from a one off prototype to larger volumes. We bring down costs and speed up delivery without
compromising quality. Viper Performance now exports to most corners of the globe.

2008 Due to growth Viper Performance moved again to even larger premises and employs more staff
to meet the growing demand, and growing product range.

2009 Viper Performance was the first in our industry to launch a 3 year warranty on all its silicone products.
The company also introduces other products to offer a complete fluid transfer solution, to include a range
of high quality sourced braided hoses for oil and fuel, offering a quality product for when Silicone is not suitable.

2010/11. The addition of over one hundred references of new universal hoses, now carrying stock in excess
of 40.000 silicone hoses and pipes. Introduction of hose fittings for oil and fuel to complement the
braided hoses launched in 2009.

2012. January saw the launch of our 3rd Generation website.
Over the years our business has shifted from a sales ratio of 80% private retail customers 
with 20% trade customers to a more or less exact reversal of this ratio. 
Today more than 85% of turn over is from wholesale and trade clients buying a mix of
universal silicone hoses, and custom build hoses.   

2013 By the end of 2012 Viper was spread across 3 different premises to include its manufacturing workshop.
Viper consolidated its sales offices and warehouse and moved to a 7500 sq Ft modern industrial unit in
Telford central England. A trade counter & showroom was built for visitors. The milestone in 2013 for Viper
was the launch of a lifetime warranty on its silicone hoses (1st in our industry to do this).

2015 Viper launches its 4th incarnation of the website, with easier navigation for mobile devices.
Viper Performance launches a whole range of specialist silicone products to enter
other markets such as silicone sheeting, silicone sponge, extruded profiles, and moulded parts.
Carbon Fiber elbows and straights now also complement the existing range of hoses and pipes.

NOW AND THE FUTURE. Viper Performance will continue to innovate and develop
products, quality, systems, and its market share into new markets. 


Silicone Hoses manufacturing / Wholesale and Retail

Universal Performance Silicone Hoses, ready made direct replacement
hose kits for cars, marine grade silicone hoses, and commercial truck and bus markets.
Bespoke hose manufacturing, prototype or volume manufacturing is Viper's core business.

We can manufacture or supply hoses for fuel, oil, OAT resistant hoses for waterless coolant systems,
as well as Fire / Flame retardant grade silicone rubber for the rail industry.
Within the silicone hose range, Viper Performance can supply polyester
reinforced hoses, Nomex reinforced hoses, Fluoro Silicone lined for oil,
Stainless Steel ringed reinforcements, high temperature silicone grades,
specialist high tensile strength grades and more..

Following is just some of the categories of customer Viper Performance 
supplies both standard and bespoke silicone hoses and accessories: 

-Automotive Hoses for everyday cars, and performance cars 
-Replacement Hoses for Historic and classic cars 
-Hoses for Military vehicles and M.O.D 
-Hoses for JCB's, diggers, road grinders, general plant and machinery 
-Hoses for Truck and Buses 
-Hoses for Trains and Rail industry 
(we can produce Fire & Flame Retardant silicone hoses and 
of Low Toxicity silicone hoses required by the rail industry) 
-Prototype Hose projects 
-Science projects 
-Ready made replacement hoses for Kit cars 
-Motorcycle and Bike hoses 
-Hoses for Go Karts, Snow mobiles, Jet skies etc.. 
-Hoses for Formula 1 cars, research and development 
-Hoses for Exhaust emission control test bed/engine development 
-Hoses for tractors and Agricultural vehicles of all types 
-Hoses for wet exhaust applications

BRAIDED HOSES & FITTINGS for fuel & oil and brake lines

Our hoses for fuel systems are as available in several options, and sizes.
Our stainless Steel braided hoses are as good as any leading brand name
at a lower price, they are suitable for Oil, Fuel lines, Methanol, Brake and Clutch lines etc..
Hose end fittings, adaptors and connectors are available to buy in our web shop


Viper Performance has the biggest range of ready made aluminium mandrel bends,
which are polished and roll beaded and of the finest grade 6063 alloy for easy welding,
perfect for building heat exchangers/intercoolers, turbo connections, superchargers
or radiator connections, custom fabricated or aluminium mandrel bending
for trade clients with minimum orders which can be specified with a natural, polished
brushed finished or Powder Coated with breathers, take offs, brackets, MAF sensors
of whatever you need making or welding onto the pipes from drawing or sample.


Viper Performance has a range of product to protect your engine from high temperatures,
with a selection of exhaust wraps, heat sleeves, and turbo blankets.


Accessories you may need for your air and water connections, such as hose blanking plugs
to blank off unused or redundant connections, hose joiners, Hose clamps, Take Offs, Cable Ties,
are all available to order and in stock for next day delivery.


Competition specification range of fabricated tanks such as Fuel Swirl Pots,
Fuel Cells, race specification Oil Catch Tanks, and innovative reusable Oil Filters


The majority of our product is supplied direct to the trade as well as manufacturers,
tuners, race teams, garages, and resellers.  We have a very simple policy for new dealers
and an easy ordering service. Trade accounts can buy direct from Viper at discounted
prices (minimum orders apply). Please call sales, and fill in the enquiry for online.

QUALITY OF VIPER HOSES Vs Cheaper generic hoses

Since day one our philosophy has been quality and service, and this will always be.
If you want the cheapest possible hoses, you will easily find hundreds of sellers on auction sites
all re-selling cheap quality from the far east and passing this on as good quality.  We don't mind
this because many customers are having to replace cheap hoses soon enough.
Buy cheap buy twice.

We conducted some basic tests on some of the cheap hoses, and found that they tend
to contain a lot of fillers, and de-laminate easily or in some cases not cured properly.
From time to time clients tell us that they can get hoses at half the price elsewhere,
although this can be true, we found that these hoses are quite different in quality,
material and dimensions. 
For a just few pennies or pounds more you get a quality Viper Performance Hose!
Is saving a few pounds worth the risk of damaging your turbo or engine with a failing hose?
Cheap quality hoses do not have a guarantee for a reason.


Viper Performance hoses have a very competitively priced RRP against other well known UK
manufacturers, our trade customers benefit from an excellent an pricing structure.
Yes Ebay can be cheap for silicone but sellers come and go, many selling from the back
bedroom shifting boxes of cheap imported goods, with no concern for quality, no technical
knowledge, and no customer service.  At Viper we use top quality silicone, strong fabrics,
highest grade silicone base material, and vibrant glossy fade free pigments.
Buy cheap, buy twice, cheap is often false economy.


Viper Performance is known for quality and service, you are sure to get the advise
and help you need when you need it. We have a team of competent Technical
Sales Advisors which are at hand to answer your telephone calls or emails.
Viper's policy is to reply to all emails within hours not days.


Every hose is hand crafted, checked and rejected if there is a defect or incorrect build
of any kind detected by our quality control team.
Watch our movie on our home page showing our manufacturing process


Viper Performance exhibits regularly at various trade shows and events throughout the year,
come and see our quality for yourself, and meet the team.  Forthcoming shows are announced
in our social media posts and newspage.  We look forward to meeting you at the next show.


Compared to standard black rubber hoses, Silicone rubber offer superior resistance to negative
and positive temperatures, and offer a much longer service life.  Viper Performance silicone hoses
are expected to last many times longer than basic black EPDM rubber hoses.  
(typically working temperatures rating of silicone hoses is -40°C to +170°C) or more !
Quality Silicone Hoses will not elongate, stretch, crack or split due to weathering and ageing due
to a higher tensile strength compared to rubber. Silicone Hoses have excellent resistance to Ozone,
are very reliable, look great, and can be made in a number of colours !!


We stock a wide range of components ready to ship next day. 
Nomex, Fluro hoses, OAT grade, special colours and custom build hoses are all made to order.


Viper Performance hoses come with a lifetime warranty! 
We cannot be held responsible for any damages done to your engine, or third party from
poor fitting of the hose, using unsuitable clamps, abuse, misuse, natural wear and tear,
or incorrectly specifying the hose. Make sure you have measured and specified correctly
before ordering. Consider temperatures, pressures and fluids are compatible with the
reinforcement or silicone type. Never fit a hose if it is too loose or too tight.
Make sure hoses do not rub against another part, Friction will cause failure.
See our terms & conditions for full details.


Viper Performance can also supply specialist grade silicone hoses for Pharmaceutical industries,
food industry with FDA and water council approved silicone hoses. Viper performance also caters
for the needs of the transport industry with special fire retardant / low toxicity silicones for the
rail industry.

Via our partners Viper Performance can also supply EPDM rubber hoses, Viton hoses, or 
Nitrile hoses.   Please call our technical sales to discuss your requirements.

  Silicone hoses and joiners by Viper Performance

Viper Performance Hoses can be also purchased via our international re-sellers and stockists.
Here is a list of towns and countries where you can obtain our product.
Please email us with your request, and we will forward your enquiry to our dealers.

TOWN 1: Brussels
TOWN 2: Alblasserdam

TOWN 1: Ploudiv
TOWN 2: Sofia

TOWN 1: Zagreb

TOWN 1: Praha

TOWN 1: Soeborg

TOWN 1: Emmeloord
TOWN 2: Almere

TOWN 1: Siilinjarvi

TOWN 1: Teloche

TOWN 1: Wanna

TOWN 1: Larissa

TOWN 1: Modena

TOWN 1: Yokohama

TOWN 1: Poznan
TOWN 2: Warsaw

TOWN 1: Vila Nova De Gaia

TOWN 1: Barcelona

TOWN 1: La Sarraz


Brands that trust Viper Performance:

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