Silicone Hoses are ideal for use within the pharmaceutical and food industries

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Silicone is extremely inert and so does not react with most chemicals, making it an ideal material for use within the pharmaceutical and food industries. The specially formulated silicones give typical advantages of very low bacteria build up (unlike typical organic hoses), reduced food taint making a hygienic hose, and ultimately low maintenance costs.

Our FDA grade silicone silicone fully satisfies all conditions stated in the following standards:

Hoses can be made to most shapes and sizes with correct tooling with or without reinforcements, or with or without a 316 stainless steel wire helix embedded into the wall of the hose if required to make a continuous flexible hose. Many diameters and length options are available and made to order to your bespoke / custom requirements.

We can supply reinforced hoses or non reinforced hoses which are extruded tubes for food / dairy /brewing and pharmaceutical markets. Viper Performance manufactures its specialist silicone food grade hoses (FDA hoses) in a controlled environment that is totally separate from its automotive or commercial rubber product groups, using dedicated stainless steel tooling and Platinum Cured specialist silicone materials.


Making the right choice for your silicone tubing requirements is made easy by our comprehensive range of stock sizes. Being manufactured in our High Purity Platinum cured silicone gives you a number of advantages over conventional Peroxide cured silicones normally used for general purpose, or automotive use.

1 Our Tubing (NGP60) has full WRAS approval for hot and cold water in grey, white, translucent and black.

2 NSF approved tubing is available on special order.


Platinum cured silicone rubber offers a popular alternative to conventional peroxide cure silicone products especially for healthcare applications which require the utmost purity and cleanliness of materials.

The name "platinum cure" derives from the vulcanization reaction which consists of a multi-functional silicon hydride cross-linker, which in the presence of a precious metal catalyst such as platinum, cures with a longer cross-link chain for added tensile strength and flexing capability over peroxide cured silicones.

Conventional peroxide cure silicones "dimethyl polysiloxane" and "methylvinyl polysiloxane" comprise majority of the gum base molded silicone rubber sheet on the commercial market. A by-product of the heat curing process can be a white crystalline powder diffusing to the surface known as "bloom". To prevent future reversion of the rubber and meet general healthcare requirements, post-baking (post curing) for 2 to 4 hours in a hot air circulating oven from 400°F to 480°F is recommended.

The post curing process will generally improve the compression set performance of peroxide cured silicone rubber. Silicone hoses without a post-cure will often have a distinctive odour which may be dichlorobenzoyl peroxide. A post bake will drive off this odour after a number of days.

The silicone rubber calendered sheeting we use to make our FDA / Food quality hoses are Platinum Cure Silicone. They material is provided to us rolls of ready made calendered sheets with contains the catalyst and cross-linker. Unmixed at milling stage this material will not cure. However as it is supplied to us ready mixed and in sheet form, when heated (cured / vulcanised) to a certain temperature once the hose is moulded to shape, the silicone will cure into its required shape and hardness. With Platinum Cured Silicone Rubber there are no by-products as found in the conventional peroxide cure silicones, therefore there is generally no need for a post-cure.

Generally, platinum cure silicones will have better tensile strength and elongation properties than peroxide cure silicones. However, peroxide cure silicones usually have better compression set properties for gaskets requiring critical long term sealing at extended temperatures. Therefore both of these silicone product families have their benefits.



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