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Silicone Hoses for Wind Turbines

Wind Powered Machinery or Wind Powered Electrical Generators often uses hoses. Silicone Rubber is a perfect material as good quality silicone will not crack, fade, or split offering long service life.

Larger turbines can be used for making small contributions to a domestic power supply while selling unused power back to the utility supplier via the electrical grid. Arrays of large turbines, known as "wind farms", are becoming an increasingly important source of renewable energy; and are used by many countries as part of a strategy to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels.

Viper Performance can produce high performance silicone hoses to your design and specification for use in wind turbines where conditions are more demanding and where traditional hoses will not work.

A good quality hose will reduce costly downtime.

Our high silicone combined with high quality reinforcement fabrics, assures the optimum hose performance, offering reliability long life at high temperature and pressures.

Thanks to our manufacturing processes we are able to provide bespoke long lengths of reinforced hose where required, which can be reinforced with an additional metal wire helix, or even nylon wire helix to help with certain electrical conductivity issues that occur in this application.

Our specialist silicone hoses can be manufactured to your specification.
We can produce a flexible hose or more rigid, offering diameters from 6mm to 102mm with customised lengths possible up to 8 meters long.



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