Turbo Loader Bellows / Charge Air Cooler Hose

Featuring Four convolutions (humps),
specially designed for areas of heavy vibration, where there is a high level of lateral and compression movement within the engine which would cause other hoses to stress and split quickly.

The quadruple centre HUMP convolutions act as a bellow and offers excellent flexibility and vibration absorption once mounted.

These hoses are highly recommended to connect your charge cooler / Intercooler etc to pipework, and are 300mm long (1ft") which you can cut down shorter to suit your length

Speciality built with NOMEX high temperature rated for 250°C, peak for brief period
220°C maximum working temperature

Reinforced with 5 steel rings to prevent the hose from "ballooning" under boost or pressure, keeping the shape and integrity under any condition.
This is a high quality specialist product. BLACK ONLY

Shorter twin hump hoses available.

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