Flexible / Articulated Bellow Hoses

This particular bellow is specially designed for areas where the hose acts as a cushion to absorb lateral movement, compression and expansion as well as vibration. Hoses without this construction would otherwise easily split under movement.

This hose compared to our black Nomex Bellow Hose (part #ref BH) offers much more movement, much more compression and expansion. The trade off is a little less pressure handling due to its thinner wall thickness of 4mm and slightly softer grade silicone of 60°ShA (our other Nomex BH hoses are 5mm wall and 70°ShA silicone hardness). This Articulated bellow would not be so flexible with a thicker wall and harder silicone rubber.
It is therefore recommended for use where pressure is not high.

Speciality built with 4 plies of Aramid / NOMEX reinforcements for high temperatures, rated for 250°C, peak for brief period & 220°C maximum working temperature

The brown coloured (Iron Oxide) silicone offers better heat stability compared to coloured or black silicone. Also features 3 more pronounced humps for better articulation and 4 Stainless Steel Rings to prevent the hose from ballooning.

These hoses are highly recommended to connect your charge cooler / Intercooler etc to pipework, and are 200mm long (6"), Available in a number of popular sizes, and also with options of a reducing diameter one end to the other. BH hoses only come in 150mm long or a handful of 300mm.

The turbo loader hose is reinforced with 4 steel rings to prevent the hose from "ballooning" under boost or pressure, keeping the shape and integrity under any condition. This is a high quality, high specification product. BROWN IRON OXIDE ONLY

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