90° Elbow Silicone Hoses

We stock all international sizes
from 6 to 152mm ID in Blue, Red & Black. Order from the stock list on the right-->

Select your reinforcement build material from
- Polyester,
- Nomex,
- Fluoro Lined for contact with oil and fuel.

Part numbers shown in the Fluoro section are in stock in Blue only. Other colours and sizes not shown are made to order. Email for a quote. E90-16 FL and E90-19 FL are available in stock in Blue and Black.

All Nomex hoses are made to order. Please email for a quote. Minimum order requirements apply.

All hoses are INTERNAL diameter

Highest quality hand made hoses, lined and multi-layered with quality fabric reinforcements.

-Optional 152mm lengths, are made to order. Call or email for quote.

-ANY bespoke length, diameter, quantities can be made ! (call for quote)

-Any part number proceeded with '300' has 300mm long legs.

Video: How to and NOT to cut silicone hoses

High temperature turbo hoses can be made, fuel and oil resistant hoses can also be produced.

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CENTRELINE BEND RADIUS DATA (CLR) Tolerance +/-2 degrees.
6mm ID CLR 16mm
8mm ID CLR 16mm
10mm ID CLR 16mm
13mm ID CLR 16mm
16mm ID CLR 18mm
19mm ID CLR 18mm
22mm ID CLR 20mm
25mm ID CLR 30mm
28mm ID CLR 30mm
32mm ID CLR 32mm
35mm ID CLR 35mm
38mm ID CLR 35mm
41mm ID CLR 35mm
44mm ID CLR 40mm
48mm ID CLR 45mm
51mm ID CLR 51mm
54mm ID CLR 60mm
57mm ID CLR 60mm
60mm ID CLR 60mm
63mm ID CLR 63mm
65mm ID CLR 65mm
67mm ID CLR 65mm
70mm ID CLR 65mm
76mm ID CLR 65mm
80mm ID CLR 70mm
83mm ID CLR 70mm
85mm ID CLR 70mm
89mm ID CLR 70mm
95mm ID CLR 70mm
102mm ID CLR 70mm
114mm ID CLR 90mm
127mm ID CLR 90mm
152mm ID CLR 90mm
204mm ID CLR 176.5mm

Quality fastener accessories for your hoses, all available from stock for next day delivery

NOMEX High Temperature hoses are made to order
Our Nomex reinforced hoses will withstand high temperatures up to 220°C,
Ideal for Turbo application, hot air, steam, water or environments where other hoses fail.

All Viper Nomex hoses come in Black
Other colours possible subject to min order QTY of 100+ pcs .

Couplers of 76mm long min. order 10pcs.

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