Straight Length, Silicone Hose
4 meter Long

From a 3 to 5 ply reinforced construction our straight hoses offer excellent build quality with an inner liner.

4 meter continuous lengths are available from stock from 8mm Diameter and are ideal for water, breathers, air connections without making a join.
Why buy four separate meter lengths, join and clamp them together, and create a potential area for leaking; when one single piece will provide you with a quality leak free connection.

Thanks to our quality material, and fabrics, our small diameter lengths are very flexible and achieve a very good bend radius. (see the video). Diameters from 8 to 19mm are often used for water connection, breathers, heater matrix etc.. The flexibility of our hoses offers good piping solutions for many applications.

Our 4 meter long hoses from 25mm ID are only available in BLUE.
13,16 & 19mm are available in Blue, Red or Black silicone.

We also have lengths in smaller 2 meters continuous

Video: How to and NOT to cut silicone hoses

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