Bellow / Charge Air Cooler, Hump Hose Connector

This turbo loader hump hose features Two convolutions (humps),
specially designed for areas of heavy vibration, or where engine movement may be severe and cause other hoses to stress and split.
The twin centre HUMP convolutions act as a mini bellow and offers flexibility and vibration absorption once mounted. These hoses are highly recommended to connect your charge cooler / Intercooler etc to pipework, and are 150mm long (6")

Speciality built with NOMEX high temperature rated for 250°C, peak for brief period
220°C maximum working temperature

The turbo loader hose is reinforced with 3 steel rings to prevent the hose from "ballooning" under boost or pressure, keeping the shape and integrity under any condition.
This is a high quality, high specification product. BLACK ONLY

Longer 4 hump hose versions available.

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