Last few RS MK2 Focus Silicone Hose Kits available

Looking to improve the performance on you Ford Focus RS MK2? Why not take a look at our range of silicone hose kits for this model currently at a special clearance price.

We have 3 different kits for this model including induction, turbo and ancillary hoses. All Viper hose kits are carefully hand crafted and designed to improve on the original rubber parts, thus providing better performance, lifetime reliability for track days, racing, and fast road use.

Ford Focus Silicone Hose KitKit 064 – Induction

Intake, Airbox, Induction & Acoustic Hoses. Thick Quality Build to prevent hoses from collapsing which can be a problem with the original plastic hoses. 1 blue left

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Kit 066 – Turboturbo hoses for Focus Mk2

Turbo to Intercooler hoses, moulded from one piece (no joins). Quality built with 5 ply and NOMEX. Available in blue.

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mk2 silicone hosesKit 068 – Ancillary

3 blue 1 red 1 white 1 green left

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If you’d like to see how silicone hoses could make a difference to your car head over to this blog post what difference do silicone hoses make?”

Special Price on Massive 21 hose complete ancillary coolant kit for Subaru Impreza

Subaru Impreza Silicone hose kitLooking for longer life expectancy for your Impreza hoses? This ancillary hoses kit will give you much longer life expectancy than the rubber hoses which come as standard.

21 hoses are included in this set, all of the hoses have a inner liners for smooth flow of fluid. A minimum 3 ply of reinforcement means that they are solid and will not collapse under pressure. Perfectly cut to fit the cars, there is no need for chopping or trying to make it fit them fit. Available in red blue and black. As always the Viper logo means a lifetime warranty.

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Free downloadable car related Father’s Day cards

Father’s Day is special. It’s a day to say thank you to the male role models in our lives. Dad’s can fix everything, eat everything and have the best jokes around (not). So as Fathers day is nearing (17th June if you weren’t sure) we thought we would produce some free to download Father’s Day cards for our readers.

If you’re looking for a Father’s Day card for your car enthusiast Dad then why not download and print one for free! Great for the last minute card buyer!

In a tribute to the witty Dad jokes, that only they can get away, we’ve produced a set of five car parts based novelty cards. Take a look below and download your favourite. We’ve designed them to be as simple as possible so they should be easily printed at home and won’t use too much valuable ink!

Oh and don’t forget share these downloadable Father’s Day cards with all your friends everyone loves a freebie! Twitter @viperhoses or on Facebook here.

4 Free car based Father’s Day card options to choose from:

1. ‘Give Dad a brake’
Brake Disc Fathers Day CardOur First fathers day card focuses on giving Dad a break. Sticking with our car theme we have monopolised on a little pun with a visual of a brake disc.

Click here to download a printable PDF of the above card

2. Wheely good Father’s Day

Free Wheel - Tyre Fathers Day Card

Ok a little cheesy we know! But if your dad loves a good set of rims why not make his day with this wheely easy to download fathers day card.

Click here to download a printable PDF of the above card

3. Driving him round the bend 

Free Steering Wheel fathers day card

I think we are all guilty of driving our parents a little crazy at times. So if you’d like to say sorry for occasionally driving your Dad round the bend download this free fathers day card today.

Click here to download a printable PDF of the above card

4. Exhausted Daddy

Maybe he’s a new Daddy who is not getting much sleep, or just one who works too hard. If you want to treat your exhausted Dad with a great looking fathers day card download our free PDF.

Click here to download a printable PDF of the above card

5. Bigger Hose

Funny Free Fathers Day Card

If you like a slightly rude Fathers Day card then this one might be for you. This one reads ‘ Dad I overhead you praying for a bigger hose… You’re welcome’. This one might be for a slightly older audience but will definitely induce a laugh on Fathers Day. If you really want a laugh why not actually purchase a hose to accompany the card here.

Click here to download a printable PDF of the above card


If you like these cards let us know on Twitter @viperhoses or on Facebook here. We’d love pictures of your cards or your dads face when he receives it.

Large Overhaul on Peristatic Tubing

Here at Viper Performance, we have been able to lower the price of our peristatic tubing! After carrying out a large overhaul on the product, we can now offer it to out customers for even cheaper than before!

peristatic tubingHowever, lower price does not mean lower quality! We maintain the same level of high quality products across all of our products. We use the highest quality Platinum grade silicone available on the market for these hoses. Not only does this silicone have a very high level of purity, it also has many other advantages.

The silicone is non-yellowing, and has no peroxide by-products. This ensures a consistent high quality look and appearance. The hoses are of excellent quality, with a superb high gloss finish. In addition, these hoses boast high tear strength and are highly hydrophobic!

To see our range of peristatic tubing, please visit our main website.

Reduced price Renault Hose Kit!

hoseWe now have the last 4 Renault silicone hose kits available at a significantly reduced price. This hose kit was previously sold for £84.99 and is now just £37.50 ex vat.

This induction hose is 5 plies reinforced with a liner plus an additional wire reinforcement to completely stop this hose from collapsing. This design is a huge improvement over the original hose.

We have 4 black hoses left in stock but hurry when its gone its gone!

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20% discount on all heat shield products 1 week only!!

viper-blog-heat-shieldThis week we are offering a 20 % discount on all our heat shield products. 

Our exhaust wraps and heat sleeves are essential products for reducing under bonnet temperatures, and improving hot exhaust gas dispersion time. We have several specialist heat shielding products to suit a variety of applications and temperatures all at very competitive prices.

Simply place your order only by telephone 01952 670 702 for us to apply the discount for you. We have a friendly team dedicated to taking your calls.

Take a look at our range of heat shield products here

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All New Deal of the week

Deal of the weekTo give our customers a better chance of taking advantage of our great offers we have changed our Deal of the Day to a Deal of the week. This means our deals will now run from Monday to Friday giving you 5 days to benefit from our these great offers.

You can keep up to date with the latest offers on our Twitter page @viperhoses. Or alternatively why not bookmark our deal of the week page and check back on a weekly basis.

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The best deals on the market

Deal of the dayWe are constantly striving to bring our customers the best deals on the market. In the pursuit of this we have launched a deal of the day section on our website.

This section is reserved for the best deals on our products for retail customers. Due to the nature of this section you must hurry if you wish to take advantage of our deals as they have a limited time span.

The best way to take advantage of our deals is to view the deal of the day page, then phone us on 01952 670 702 with your order.

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Reduced price real carbon fibre pipes

Viper-carbonWe currently have our top quality Japanese Toray real carbon fibre pipes at a reduced price.

The quality of these pipes is second to none and far surpasses cheaper versions on the market, which are only used for aesthetic purposes. The bends are produced with quality real carbon unlike cheaper versions, which are carbon coated giving the appearance of carbon without its performance.

Carbon fibre is super light, and very strong, ideal for air intake systems and more. Our pipes are supplied either as 90 or 45 bends or straight sections of 300mm long.

Starting from just £22 for a straight 300mm pipe our current reduced prices make this product an affordable quality product.

Take a look at our selection of carbon pipes here.

Special Clearance Price

IMG_9868We currently have a special clearance price for a Main Body Hose Connector. These hose connectors are 6063 grade quality Billet aluminium CNC machined. They have roll beaded ends for perfect hose retention and the centre section is milled flat for a good sensor seal.

This hose adaptor is perfect for adding a breather, switch or sensor to your water or Air system. There are many possible take off / Main body combinations to suit most requirements, Main body & Take offs are sold separately.

Buy yours at this bargain price today!