New Product: Articulated Bellow Hoses

articulated bellow hump hoseIn situations where hoses are likely to encouter movement, compression, expansion and vibration hoses can easily split under movement. This is where this new product comes in.

Our articulated bellow hoses are specially designed for areas where the hose acts as a cushion to absorb lateral movement, compression and expansion as well as vibration. Hoses without this construction would otherwise easily split under movement.

Compared to our black Nomex Bellow Hose this flexible hose offers much more movement. The trade off is a little less pressure handling due to its thinner wall thickness of 4mm and slightly softer grade silicone of 60°ShA. This Articulated bellow would not be so flexible with a thicker wall and harder silicone rubber and as such is recommended for use where pressure is not high.

The brown coloured silicone offers better heat stability compared to black or coloured silicone. The hose also features 3 more pronounced humps for better articulation and 4 Stainless Steel Rings to prevent the hose from ballooning.

These hoses are highly recommended to connect your charge cooler / Intercooler etc to pipework, and are 200mm long (6″), Available in a number of popular sizes, and also with options of a reducing diameter one end to the other.

Buy yours today. 

Two new products launched this month

aluminium pipesAugust has been a busy month here at Viper Performance and we are excited as we have two new products launching at the end of August. Hose Joiners are ideal for joining hoses for Intercoolers, Radiators, Air inductions or superchargers. The two additions to our product range this month are:

Super Long 90° Elbow Aluminium Hose Joiner

Our first product launch will be a super Long 90° Elbow Aluminium Hose Joiner. Manufactured from 6063 billet aluminium these are high quality hose joiners with a super long 300x300mm leg length. They are roll beaded and polished so they look great.

  1. 1.5 wall – 32mm outer diameter – 32mm centreline radius – BUY NOW
  2. 1.8 wall – 51mm outer diameter – 63.56mm centreline radius – BUY NOW
  3. 1.7 wall – 63mm outer diameter – 73.025mm centreline radius – BUY NOW

Quality L Shape aluminium 90° elbow hose joiner

Produced from 6063 billet aluminium these L shape hose joiners with a 500x150mm leg length. These L shape hose joiner are available in the following sizes:

  1. 1.5 wall – 32mm outer diameter – 32mm centreline radius – BUY NOW
  2. 1.8 wall – 51mm outer diameter – 63.56mm centreline radius – BUY NOW
  3. 1.7 wall – 63mm outer diameter – 73.025mm centreline radius – BUY NOW


New Parts for Silicone Hoses!

silicone hoseWe always want to offer the most useful and comprehensive range of products to our customers. This is why we have added 3 new parts to our already large range of silicone hoses! The new additions offer extra leg length options for our 15O, 30O, and 60O elbow silicone hoses. These elbow silicone hoses are ideal as water, coolant, and turbo hoses.

These elbow hoses are hand made to the highest quality. They are lined and multi-layered with quality fabric reinforcements. The new sizes will provide customers with even more choice, meaning they can always achieved the required solution. Details of these new hoses can be seen below.

New Hose Sizes Specification;

  • Part Number: E15-44
  • Leg length: 102mm x 102mm
  • Plies: 3
  • Wall: 4mm
  • Internal Diameter: 44mm ( 1, ¾ “)

 For more information about our silicone elbow hoses, please visit our website. There will be more sizes being launched soon, so be sure to keep up to date!

New BMW hose kit available

bmw hose kitWe have a new hose kit available for the BMW 5 Series. This is a Turbo Intercooler to EGR Hose which fits E60/61 525D/530D.

All our direct replacement hose kits are guaranteed and built with the very best materials on the market. Our hoses are much stronger than others on the market as they have inner liners and minimum 3 ply of reinforcements.most turbo hoses are 4, 5 or 6 ply.

Labelled at hose kit 136 on our website, Buy yours here today.

New shape elbow now introduced

screen-shot-2016-11-17-at-20-01-23Viper performance has added 30° elbows to its range of universal hoses. We now have the biggest range of shapes and sizes available on the market.

The 30° elbows are super strong with multiple layers of reinforcement and an inner liner.
Viper universal elbows start from just 6mm in diameter to a massive 152mm Diameter.

Click here to buy 30° elbows

Watch out for brand new hose shapes not available anywhere else coming soon…

New edition US army camo style silicone hoses

camouflage silicone hosesWe now have unique camouflage silicone hoses available for purchase. We launched a  camoflage hose back in 2009 as a special edition but this was discontinued in 2010. We have not offered any camo style hoses since 2010 but feel this new style is a really special product.

This new edition is a new pattern in the US army camo style, offering a unique finish. The hoses are individually hand built, and each one has a unique pattern. The hoses will be made by special order only so please contact us for details.

Please note: All universal hoses in the viper range, and hose kits on the website can be done to order.

All New Deal of the week

Deal of the weekTo give our customers a better chance of taking advantage of our great offers we have changed our Deal of the Day to a Deal of the week. This means our deals will now run from Monday to Friday giving you 5 days to benefit from our these great offers.

You can keep up to date with the latest offers on our Twitter page @viperhoses. Or alternatively why not bookmark our deal of the week page and check back on a weekly basis.

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Flurosilicone hoses

fluro hoses imageWhen oil, oil mist, fuel and or, certain chemicals may be present in turbo-charger and other air or exhaust gas systems, it is necessary to use a Fluorosilicone liner in a Silicone Hose.

Viper Performance Fluorosilicone inner liners can be used to protect against waterless coolants (OAT).

Here at Viper we only use the highest quality undiluted Fluorosilicone base materials in order to achieve the best results for our clients

Click here for more information on Viper’s Flurosilicone Hoses

Flame retardant Hoses

Viper Performance flame retardant hoses are designed for optimum reliability in the demanding environment of rail or transport applications.flame retardant

Our hoses are made with a specialist grade silicone, normally used in applications requiring flame-retardant properties.

Our LSLM material performs mechanically as does our normal automotive grade silicone, however, in case of fire, it will take longer to ignite.

Click here for more information on Viper’s Flame Retardant Hoses