How Do I Cut a Silicone Hose?

Cutting silicone hosesThere are situations where you may want to cut a silicone hose to make it smaller. It is essential that you do this in the right way to give a good finish and you do not compromise the efficiency of the hose.

There are right and wrong ways to cut silicone hoses, the correct way will depend on the hose size that you are working with. There are many questions we often get asked which we have answered below:

How do I cut small diameter unreinforced hoses or tubing?

For unreinforced silicone tubing up to around 8mm you can simply cut the tube with wire cutters, pliers or scissors.

How do I cut small diameter reinforced silicone hoses?

Small diameter reinforced silicone hoses can be cut with a parcel knife or Stanley blade. You should always ensure you use a brand new blade and please watch your fingers. This method with work on up to 25mm diameter hoses. When cutting do not roll the hose as you risk cutting you fingers

Can I use a hacksaw to cut silicone hoses?

Never use a hacksaw for any diameter hose this will create frayed material and debris inside hoses.

Can I use a vice to hold my hose whilst cutting?

If you have a vice this will make securing small hoses easier and therefore can be used for small projects. We do not advise using a vice for larger hoses as the hose will deform and move, the result will be a ruined hose.

How do I cut large diameter silicone hoses?

We will take you through the step by step process of successfully cutting large diameter silicone hoses with good results.
You will need: T bolt hose clamp to suit the size of hose, A spanner for the clamp and a Stanley knife with a brand new blade.
1. Mark the hose to cut with a permanent marker
2. Line up the clamp, tighten and secure.
3. Keep your fingers away. Now slowly use the edge of the clamp as a cutting guide. Cut along until you reach the bridge of the clamp.
4. When you reach the bridge of the clamp, you will loose that line. Rotate and readjust the clamp to get that straight line
5. Cut some more until the entire diameter is cut
6. Remove the clamp and admire your job.

Please note that our silicone hoses are perfectly cut in the factory and therefore it is impossible to get these same results at home. The tips above will give you a good result but this may take some practice. For more help please watch our how to video on youtube:

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