Cutting through steel braided hoses

We recently wrote a piece about how to cut silicone hoses, but then someone asked the question, what about braided hoses?

If you have cut steel braiding before you may have found yourself with split or frayed edges. On our website we sell specialist heavy duty braided hose cutters which will eliminate this problem. They will effortlessly slice through those braided fuel and hydraulic fluid hoses in seconds.

These hose cutters are built from solid steel and are very sharp. The long reach handles on these cutters will help to cut through large hoses up to sizes of AN-16 in nitrile or PTFE. Hydraulic hose cutting tool comes with easy grip rubber handles.

Click here to buy this specialist product today. Or if you want to see the cutters in action take a look at the Youtube video below:

How Do I Cut a Silicone Hose?

Cutting silicone hosesThere are situations where you may want to cut a silicone hose to make it smaller. It is essential that you do this in the right way to give a good finish and you do not compromise the efficiency of the hose.

There are right and wrong ways to cut silicone hoses, the correct way will depend on the hose size that you are working with. There are many questions we often get asked which we have answered below:

How do I cut small diameter unreinforced hoses or tubing?

For unreinforced silicone tubing up to around 8mm you can simply cut the tube with wire cutters, pliers or scissors.

How do I cut small diameter reinforced silicone hoses?

Small diameter reinforced silicone hoses can be cut with a parcel knife or Stanley blade. You should always ensure you use a brand new blade and please watch your fingers. This method with work on up to 25mm diameter hoses. When cutting do not roll the hose as you risk cutting you fingers

Can I use a hacksaw to cut silicone hoses?

Never use a hacksaw for any diameter hose this will create frayed material and debris inside hoses.

Can I use a vice to hold my hose whilst cutting?

If you have a vice this will make securing small hoses easier and therefore can be used for small projects. We do not advise using a vice for larger hoses as the hose will deform and move, the result will be a ruined hose.

How do I cut large diameter silicone hoses?

We will take you through the step by step process of successfully cutting large diameter silicone hoses with good results.
You will need: T bolt hose clamp to suit the size of hose, A spanner for the clamp and a Stanley knife with a brand new blade.
1. Mark the hose to cut with a permanent marker
2. Line up the clamp, tighten and secure.
3. Keep your fingers away. Now slowly use the edge of the clamp as a cutting guide. Cut along until you reach the bridge of the clamp.
4. When you reach the bridge of the clamp, you will loose that line. Rotate and readjust the clamp to get that straight line
5. Cut some more until the entire diameter is cut
6. Remove the clamp and admire your job.

Please note that our silicone hoses are perfectly cut in the factory and therefore it is impossible to get these same results at home. The tips above will give you a good result but this may take some practice. For more help please watch our how to video on youtube:

Custom Aluminium Fabrication Video

Our latest video showcases our provision for providing custom aluminium pipe fabrication. We can provide custom tube fabrication for small batch or volume orders mainly supplying manufacturers of air intake, induction systems, Intercoolers and superchargers.

We can also supply Mandrel bends and various finishing options such as polished aluminium pipes, brushed finish pipes, natural finish, powder coated aluminium pipes, roll beading.

We stand for quality and as such we only us 6063 T6 seamless aerospace aluminium tubing for our fabrications. Check our our website for minimum orders and more information.

We deliver worldwide!

Did you know that we deliver worldwide here at Viper Performance? Yes its true, our website easily converts to different currencies and allows you to select different postage options dependant on your location.

For more information watch the informative video below:

Can i put my logo on a hose?

Many people often ask us whether we custom brand hoses with logos. The answer is yes, there are however implications including minimum orders which will effect the process we use to complete this task.

Watch this FAQ video to find out the more about the custom logo process.

Can I Visit Viper Performance?

Viper Performance offers face-to-face discussions by prior appointment for trade clients only. Our dedicated showroom and offices will be the perfect setting to discuss your requirements.

Unfortunately our showroom is not open to the public, our website however has all of the information you should need when buying hoses. Watch the video below to find out how to contact us.

Can you shrink or stretch hoses?

A question that Viper Performance are frequently asked is “can I shrink or stretch the diameters of silicone hoses if I buy the wrong size?” The answer is simple “no.”

Hoses are sold by internal diameter not external diameter. You need to choose the hose with the internal diameter matching the outdoor diameter of the pipe you are wishing to connect to. Our hoses will not shrink and therefore you need to ensure you do not buy a hose which is too big. Avoid over clamping as this will simply damage the hose.

Watch this FAQ video to find out more about the importance of hose diameters.

New NBR Rubber Fuel Hose Demonstration Video

We have Superb Quality Stainless Steel Braided hose with BLACK NYLON cover outer braid and NBR (Nitrile Rubber). These hoses have a very good bend radius, and high pressure use for Oil, fuel lines, Carburetor, water lines, vacuum etc. This single layer steel braid makes a very lightweight hose which is very flexible. Finished with a classic Black NYLON outer they also look fantastic.

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AN Wrenches demonstration

Our AN wrenches are machined from billet aluminium and double anodised with a comfort grip handle perfect for the job. The Aluminium will not scuff and damage the fittings, will work with all brands such as Goodridge, earls, Viper Performance Hoses.

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