Upgraded Flexible Coolant Hoses now have smooth outer

flexible hoseOur flexible silicone hose is constructed with a wire helix embedded into the wall of the hose. We have recently upgraded these hoses which means that we offer smooth versions for 16, 19 and 25mm ID hoses. The hoses will have grooves on the outside for 32, 35 and 38mm ID hoses to help with getting the tightest possible bend radius.

A fantastic product to connect your coolant hoses or water hoses where normal pre-moulded elbows just won’t do.

How flexible are these hoses?

The hoses do have their limitations due to the wall thickness. They cannot bend into very tight multiple bends, for example a 32mm hose will do a U bend, or a couple of 90° bends to create an “S Shape” , the 35 and 38mm ID hose gets stiffer only good for gentle bends such as one 90° or offset angles where normal silicone hoses will kink immediately. Buy yours here.

Buy yours here

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