Beautifully made Straight Hardline Fitting

Here is Viper Performances range of end fittings specifically designed for hardline tubing. You can see a separate video for hardline tubing here.

Ideal for racing fuel systems and industrial applications and where the fittings have to have an AN style thread. Viper’s hardline tube end fittings are beautifully made and are specifically designed to fit Vipers hardline end tubes.

Compared to the crimp on style fittings, these fittings do not require any specialist tools and can easily be done with a nylon vice jaw an aluminium spanners. Importantly the quality of the thread is flawless, made from machine Billet 6063 aluminium and hard anodised. The fittings are machine smooth inside for good fuel flow and fluid transfer.

Available in traditional red blue colours or in a beautiful polished black. The fittings are sold in AN-(dash) sizes from -06 to -10 sizes.

Buy yours here

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