Useful Hose Components

hose componentsWithin our online shop you will find a large selection of very useful parts and components for your silicone or rubber hoses and aluminium pipes. All manufactured to a very high-quality standard, manufactured to our exacting specification these parts are very hard to find, and very handy to have around.

We supply the following:

– Hose blanking plugs: designed to push inside a hose and provide a strong secure seal in any silicone hose, without slipping out.

– Pipe Blanking caps: Specially designed cover / dust caps for blocking off redundant connections, seal off vacuum connections, carburettors, Intake manifolds etc..

– Aluminium Weld-on Boses: A range of weld-on boses available including barbed, female and male.

– Self Seal Hose take offs: Simply drill a small hole into the hose where required, and pop this special fitting into the hose to produce a special take-off port in a rubber or silicone hose.

See the whole range here.

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