Tips for starting a classic car collection

classic cars1. Try to stick to a theme 

Just like with art and furniture collectors, great car fanatics focus on styles, periods, or individuals to help shape their collections. This is what makes them so special. By focusing in on a particular brand, model or age you can really immerse yourself its world.

2. Storage is key

The average house only provides homeowners with the ability to squeeze a few cars in. therefore as a collector it is vital to find the perfect place for your vehicles to be kept. The right place can range from warehouses to specialised facilities.

3. You can never have too much space

You always need more space than you think! Considering this when planning things like garage ceiling heights will mean that you could add things such as lifts in the future. Shelving and storage are another key consideration, this will allow you to stay organised and ensure your collection remains in the best possible condition.

4. Team work makes the dream work

Once you know what your focus will be its a great idea to find like-minded individuals. There are many collectors clubs out there often with local members who you can talk and meet with. Not only does this hobby add a social element, clubs and associations can be great resources to gain a different perspective to technical ideas whilst gaining new leads for where to find rare or discontinued parts.

5. Why not Race?

As much as driving your classic car collection around your local area can be fun the real fun starts when you get into organised races. Cars often come alive when you’re with other people who know and care about them. Many races can take you to other country’s and create real experiences which will make you fall even more in love with your collection.

6. The level of work load is a vital decision

The level of passion towards car collecting can determine whether the maintenance and repair work that goes into developing the collection is seen to be a source of pleasure or a chore. It is important to develop an understanding of where in that scale you stand, as this will guide what cars you should purchase. Don’t try and take on a complete engine rebuild if this will detract from your passion and love for the collection.

7. The passion doesn’t just belong in the garage.

Along with the cars themselves, classic cars provide a lot of marketing materials such as posters, and models, therefore incorporation into your home will be easy. Not only will incorporating classic cars in your home be easy to do and at a unique touch, it will also develop and strengthen your knowledge in classic cars.

8. Nothing compares to getting behind the wheel

One of the worst things you can do to an old car is let it just sit around. Get in the driving seat and take it for a spin!

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