How often should hoses be replaced?

engine bay with hosesMost automakers and belt manufacturers recommend having your hoses replaced once every 4 years. Of course, this will vary with mileage – a car that’s heavily driven may need to have the hoses replaced much sooner.

How can you tell if your hoses need replacing?

There are several key things to look for to see if your hoses are coming to the end of their lifespan.

Look for:

  • Kinks
  • Stiff or brittle texture
  • Surface cracks
  • Bulges or bubbles

Inspect the hoses and note any kinks or obvious signs of wear. Squeeze the radiator hoses (when cool ONLY) and see how they feel. If hoses are soft and pliable, there is no need to replace them. However, if hoses feel stiff, crackly, or brittle, they will need to be replaced.

While squeezing the hoses, inspect the surface for small cracks. These can easily become big problems, as they’re the primary point for a “blown” hose.

You can also check where the hoses connect to the inlet or outlet pipe. Look for bulges or bubbles around the hose clamps, as this is a sign of impending failure.

Hoses can last a long time, but replacing them before they fail is always the better option. Once you have identified that the hoses need replacing then consider whether you want to opt for a straight rubber replacement which will likely need changing again in 4 years or click here to see what difference do silicone hoses make.

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