Hyundai Motor dedicated to becoming carbon neutral by 2045

During the 2021 IAA Mobility in Munich, Hyundai Motor has shared it’s global aim to become completely carbon neutral by the year 2045. This will also involve the global product lineup as well as all the company’s operations. Hyundai went on to explain they also plan to end the production of all combustion engine vehicles in Europe by 2035.

The Hyundai Motor Group is the world renowned name for brands such as Hyundai, Kia and the new and upcoming line of EVs. with many predicted to join the dedicated Electric-Global Modular Platform.

The luxury brand Genesis has also contributed to the reduction of combustion engine vehicles by stating that they plan to go all-electric by 2030, and ending production of combustion engines by 2025.

Earlier this summer Hyundai confirmed they will be investing $7.4 billion to the future of EV development and production.

With these factors taken into consideration Hyundai have reassured the public that sustainability remains a key focal point within the design of their vehicles, with a main goal of reducing their carbon footprint to be completely neutral. 

To find out more about Hyundai’s carbon neutral aims click here.

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