Top Tips to get the most from your electric car this winter

Cold weather has many effects on any type of car, however more so for electric vehicles, affecting it’s charging, operating range, and temperature range. With the winter weather fast approaching, here are some top tips on how you can get the best range from your electric car’s battery. 

1. Park you car in a garage or indoors wherever possible

Keepings your electric vehicle inside during the winter can help maintain the car’s battery performance. The warmth of the garage enables your caer to hole the battery charge for longer.

2. Warm up your car first thing in the mornings

Most electric vehicles come accompanied with an app that will allow you to heat up the car in advance. By setting this temperature before you are due to leave not only heats the car up to the desired temperature but also warms up the battery to help with performance.

3. Keep your battery level above 15%

When temperatures drop significantly the cars battery management system reserves a percentage of the battery capacity this tends to be 15-2-%, therefore by keeping your cars charge above this (preferably 50%) you will provide yourself with a nice margin to maintain the car’s performance.

4. Use ECO mode

Most electric cars have a ECO mode which allows you to boost mileage and reduce power consumption, this is done by limiting the energy supplied to the driving motor and cabin heaters. You can accelerate slower, making driving safer when in icy or snowy conditions.

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