Making the most of the lockdown

working on carSo here we are in the midst of an unprecedented change to our everyday lives.

There are many upsides to spending more time at home, especially for car enthusiasts. More time at home means more time to plough into your project or kit car projects.

Get in the garage

So if you own a garage then lockdown shouldn’t be a problem for you. You can continue with your project as normal with little to no disruption from the outside word. Lock yourself away and get that project finished once and for all. No excuses.

Plan, Plan, Plan

One of the best things about quarantine is an abundance of time to think and reflect. If you are just starting out on a project car this is a great opportunity. For example, if you want to rebuild the engine, now is the time to sit down and decide what your application will be before you start buying parts (i.e. drag racing vs. Sunday cruising). From this you can make a plan of what you want to achieve and what you will need.

Order Online

Many online retailers are still open. The economy still needs to continue so spending online is a great way of helping this tick along. Do however expect some delay in delivery times as logistics services are focusing on essential items.

We would like to reassure our customers that we are currently open for online orders and these will be processed as normal. Click here to shop



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