A word from the Managing Director

I am writing to you from behind shut doors, as we in the UK, like most of the world, have been closed up and keeping our distance for the past month or so.

And, like the rest of you, we really miss the daily contact with all of our regular clients and new customers.

But we also consider ourselves extremely blessed that we’ve got such strong support from all of our regular customers

and the few trade clients remaining opened who we keep in touch with.

Our collection point closed up in Mid March. 

We’ve been lucky to have a well-oiled website and have even launched an all-new Home Page as a 1st phase to having an entirely new website soon together with a reduced team at Viper to keep us strong!

While a few VIper employees work offsite, a few keep the company trading as normal. (shipping which is out of our control may take longer than usual). 

With only a couple of staff in the office to handle basic operations, reduced staffing in production and the rest locked up at home, safe from this situation that’s managed to threaten the entire planet at once.

At the start of this all, we honestly didn’t know what to expect. But thanks to your support, we’re doing surprisingly well — going strong through our website, and shipping out orders

around the globe on a daily basis. We really owe you a lot — and right from the start, it was your support and enthusiasm for our product that always made it easy to do what we do. 

something that now, more than ever, keeps us going at a time when we might otherwise be running out of steam.

In a way, we’re almost getting back to our roots — Our early years of 2000~2003, when we were just a small website, with no trade desk, and a small team of hard-working staff who put in to help us grow.

It’s very much like that now — long days that are kind of exhausting, but also a bit thrilling — as we focus on the things that made us strong in the first place such as manufacturing and supplying quality

Universal silicone hoses and aluminium pipes. We are reducing the manufacturing and stocks of Hose Kits, so it is a good time to grab a bargain whilst our stocks last.

Ready-made Car Hose Kits will be made only to order after our clearout, our lead time will be 6-8 weeks for the foreseeable future. 

We have many universal hoses in stock for same-day shipping.

This time is an opportunity for us to focus and find time to develop many new shapes, sizes and components which we plan to launch throughout the rest of the year.

Your response to our work has been crucial the past few weeks — and as you may have noticed on our NEW website we have an excellent range of stocks and hoses with new stocks made daily.

We look forward to the time when our Collection point will be reopened to the public — but in the meantime, there’s a few of us working hard over at Viper Performance

The place where we started it all, and where we’re still very fortunate to have a refuge in this crisis.

Daniel Momcilovic

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