Silicone Hoses for Euro 6 Compliant vehicles

Euro VIAt the start of this year Euro VI regulations were introduced for newly registered vehicles. Vehicle manufacturers have had to overcome significant challenges in modern engine technology to comply with these regulations. In essence they call for further reductions in levels of nitrogen oxides and particulate matter.

Here at Viper Performance we have been proud to be able to be reactive to these changes and were well prepared for the challenges that were seen in 2016. Higher under bonnet temperatures, higher turbo pressures, increased coolant system pressures and stronger negative pressures in intake systems, have been typical problems, which have had to be overcome due to Euro VI.

Working with several major vehicle producers, we have turbo-charger (CAC), coolant and air intake hoses, for Euro VI vehicles. Using high quality silicone compounds, newer Aramid and revised constructions for coolant hoses, our hoses are more than capable of performing reliably on any modern engine. Our fluorosilicone lined hoses can ensure all potential issues are covered now and into the future.

If you are interested in purchasing silicone hoses for Euro VI vehicles take a look at our online shop today.

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