Adding your logo to a silicone hose

own logo on silicone hoseOne of the things we pride ourselves on, here at Viper Performance, is giving our trade customers the best possible product but still giving them the freedom to build there own brands. As such, unlike other silicone hose manufacturers, we are happy to add your own logos to our silicone hoses. This means you can have our great quality hoses with your own branding. In most cases we even offer a 3 year guarantee on non Viper branded hoses.

The process of applying a logo to a silicone hose

We have two methods, which we use to add a companies logos to a silicone hose.

Method 1 – Colour Logos long term regular orders

The most common method for branding hoses is a special printing method where we print your logo onto a run of plastic material. This requires artwork setup, printing plates and a minimum print run. The miniumum print run will give you anything from 800-1200 meters. Each metre will have your logo repeated many times. Budget £280-£380 depending on the size and colours. The process of adding the logo can only be done at the time of building the hose onto uncured silicone. The ink material will bond into the silicone at the curing stage in the oven. It is impossible to add a logo at a later stage. We don’t charge any more for

Method 2 – Black and white logo for small batches

We have developed a stencil, which costs just £90. The ink is hand painted, there will therefore be an addition charge to apply the logo.

Please Note: We will not print 3rd party brands or registered trade marks, you must own the rights and we will not accept and liability for artwork supplied to us.

For more information about custom logos please watch our YouTube video demonstrating how our process works below:

Are you a fabricator? We have recently written a blog on how we can help fabricators  take a look to see how we could supply you with the highest quality products for producing a range of car systems.

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