Can you bend silicone hoses?

Silicone hoses are far superior to the rubber alternatives, but what if you need a hose to bend into non standard shapes?

You may ask yourself whether you can bend silicone hoses yourself. There are many videos online telling you to heat the silicone with a heat gun. This is not something we would ever recommend. As well as being dangerous, you have the potential to ruin the pipe. If you go to fast or don’t heat the pipe evenly you get kinks which will damage the hose.

So what’s the answer?

We have specially developed two options to solve this problem which mean no more DIY silicone hose bending. 

bending a silicone hose

If you are looking for a really tight bend radius then take a look at UltraFlex. We discussed the benefits of these pipes In our recent blog. These pipes offer fantastic flexibility with incredibly tight bend radius using a wire spiral inside a specially convoluted section to create an extremely flexible hose connection. Find out more.

Or for smaller pipes we also have our Superflex Silicone Hoses. These are manufactured with a steel wire spiral embedded inside the reinforcement plies, allowing for flexibility not possible with most standard straight hoses. It will also take higher pressures compared to standard silicone hoses. Find out more

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