Looking for fantastic flexibility with incredibly tight bend radius? Introducing UltraFlex

ultraflex silicone hoseOur UltraFlex silicone hoses offer fantastic flexibility with incredibly tight bend radius not at all possible with any Superflex silicone hoses or standard lengths.

The hoses feature a wire spiral inside with specially convoluted sections to create an extremely flexible hose connection not possible with other hoses. They are lightweight and are hand made in silicone and reinforced with polyester fabric.  Boasting a Temperature rating of -40°c to +180°c peak.

ultraflex silicone hoses

These pipes are ideal for air intakes, cooling, water, or moderate pressure applications and larger diameters. Also very popular with industrial applications, or marine applications, power generators etc. Available in blue only and 750mm long lengths including 50mm flat section cuffs each end.

Find Ultraflex sizes here


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