Difference between working pressure and burst pressure of silicone hoses

When looking at any type of hose you will come across pressure data. You may have seen the terms ‘working pressure’ and ‘burst pressure’ amongst these. So what are they and how do they differ?

The working pressure means the pressure of the pipe fittings or flanges in the working conditions range, normally called pressure range.

The burst pressure is the maximum pressure that can be applied to the pipeline components without physical damage. Burst pressure can be defined as the maximum pressure this pipe fitting can withstand before breaking.When the pressure exceeds the burst pressure,the pipe will explode.

So what are the burst pressures of silicone hoses?

We have a technical area on our website which houses tables showing the burst pressure data for all different sizes of hose. You can find it here. https://www.viperperformance.co.uk/page-burst-pressure-thickness.html

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