Large Volume manufacturing of silicone hoses and aluminium pipes

custom hosesHere at Viper Performance we are able to create custom hoses using high quality products and manufacturing techniques. For high volume orders we are able to offer excellent discounts and very competitive prices in our market.  We have the capacity to produce large volumes of 100, to 100 000 pieces if required.

Custom Silicone Hoses

To create a new shape hose you will require the production of a new forming tool called a mandrel. Tool making costs are £40 an hour at cost plus materials. We are proud to say that we charge tooling to you at cost. The remainder of the cost will depend on the quantity of the hoses that you want.

Please remember that one off custom hoses are simply not a viable option. So if you are looking for a single hose for your personal car this is not a good option.

You can find out more about custom silicone hoses by clicking here.

Custom Aluminium Pipes

We are extremely competitive with aluminium fabricated pipes on volume and series as this is our speciality.  We get the best price out of our machines based on economy of scale and we only use the highest quality for our mandrel bends. To ensure future repeat orders are 100% identical time and time again we produce a JIG.

As with silicone hoses We cannot offer one off Aluminium Bespoke Fabrications due to the time and cost involved in purchasing materials, setting
up mandrels for bending the aluminium and making a JIG.

You can find out more about custom aluminium pipes by clicking here.

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