High quality 6063 T6 aluminium pipes

(Hose Joiner)
Viper Performance’s Hose Joiners are ideal for joining hoses for Intercoolers, Radiators, Air induction, Superchargers, intercooler systems or for making any D.I.Y system.
aluminium pipe
Viper Performance Aluminium Hose Joiners are designed to fit perfectly with any universal silicone hose.
Features of Viper’s Hose Joiners
- Mandrel bend,
- Mirror polished, (no coating for welding),
- Roll beaded ends for best hose retention,
- Seamless tubing,
- Wall thickness 1.6 to 2.0mm,
- Tightest bend radius on market
(most bends are 1.2D),
- Bends have 152x 152mm legs
- Clean finish ready to use,
- Protected with bubble wrap,

Mandrel Bends

Our mandrel bends have the tightest bend radius on the market, most of the mandrel bends are 1.2D.

Bespoke Pipes:

We also offer a bespoke or OEM manufacturing service, for induction, intercooler pipes, Coolant etc..We can fabricate aluminium mandrel bends and pipes from sample or drawing with brackets, MAF sensors, breathers, Boses etc... as well as offer several surface finishes such as Polished, Natural, Brushed, Powder coated or painted.

Bespoke pipes are subject to minimum orders.
We do not offer one offs, but can recommend fabricators for this.
ALUMINIUM PIPES ALL PIPES & JOINERS are EXTERNAL DIAMETER and match the I.D of any silicone hoses
If you require more information on the Hose Joiners we have to offer, contact us today.

We can supply suitable silicone hoses to join your pipes together.
Aluminium Hose Joiner 15° ELBOW<br>Aluminium Hose Joiner
3 sizes
Aluminium Hose Joiner 45° ELBOW<br>Aluminium Hose Joiner
20 sizes
Aluminium Hose Joiner 60° ELBOW<br>Aluminium Hose Joiner
3 sizes
90° ELBOW Aluminium Hose Joiner 90° ELBOW Aluminium Hose Joiner
21 sizes
135° ELBOW
Aluminium Hose Joiner 135° ELBOW<br>Aluminium Hose Joiner
5 sizes
180° ELBOW
Aluminium Hose Joiner 180° ELBOW<br>Aluminium Hose Joiner
6 sizes
90° ELBOW Aluminium Hose Joiner SUPER LONG<br>90° ELBOW Aluminium Hose Joiner
3 sizes
L Shape
90° ELBOW Aluminium Hose Joiner L Shape<br>90° ELBOW Aluminium Hose Joiner
3 sizes
Reducing Diameter Hose Joiner / Connector Reducing Diameter Hose Joiner / Connector
8 sizes
100mm LONG
Hose Joiner / connector 100mm LONG<br>Hose Joiner / connector
21 sizes
300mm LONG
Hose Joiner / connector 300mm LONG<br>Hose Joiner / connector
20 sizes
1M LONG section
Aluminium Pipe 1M LONG section<br>Aluminium Pipe
11 sizes
Aluminium Hose Joiner
T- Piece connectors Aluminium Hose Joiner<br>T- Piece connectors
8 sizes (some new)
Hose Joiner with thread
M10*1.25 for sensor Hose Joiner with thread<br>M10*1.25 for sensor
Weld-On Bosses,
Take Offs (barbed) Aluminium<br>Weld-On Bosses,<br>Take Offs (barbed)
Aluminium Weld-On Boses
FEMALE Aluminium Weld-On Boses<br>FEMALE
Aluminium Weld-On Boses
MALE Aluminium Weld-On Boses<br>MALE
Hose Blanking Plugs Aluminium<br>Hose Blanking Plugs
Barbed Hose Connectors
Straight & Reducing Barbed Hose Connectors<br>Straight & Reducing
This range will be discontinued. See new Aluminium Straights and Reducers
Barbed Hose Connectors
Tees Barbed Hose Connectors<br>Tees
This range will be discontinued. See new Aluminium Tees.
NEW - Barbed Hose Aluminium
Straight and Reducing Connectors NEW - Barbed Hose Aluminium<br> Straight and Reducing Connectors
New Spec - 1 Size Currently Available
NEW - Barbed Hose Aluminium
Tee Connectors NEW - Barbed Hose Aluminium<br> Tee Connectors
New Spec - 2 Sizes Currently Available
Turbo Boost
Brace Bracket Turbo Boost<br>Brace Bracket
Tube Forming
Roll Beading Machine Tube Forming<br>Roll Beading Machine

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