SuperFlexi Silicone Hoses

Fantastic product for coolant, ideal for top & bottom radiator connections bend into almost any shape !

Please see video in top right for demonstrations on how flexible our Super Flex hoses are.
To check the flexibility of the size you require please fast forward to times shown below:
13mm ID - 3:28
16mm ID - 3:49
19mm ID - 4:12
22mm ID - 4:37
25mm ID - 5:03
28mm ID - 5:27
32mm ID - 5:53
35mm ID - 6:17
38mm ID - 6:34
44mm ID - 6:48
51mm ID - 7:12
63mm ID - 7:43

Manufactured with a steel wire spiral embedded inside the reinforcement plies, allows for a flexibility not possible with most standard straight hoses, and will also take higher pressures compared to standard silicone hoses.

Ideal for breathers, Water coolant hoses (top and bottom radiator hoses), Heater Matrix, compatible with Glycol
Choice of BLUE, RED and BLACK from stock

We can make to order up to 4 meter lengths!! (sold in multiples of 1m)

Viper Performance was the first company to make Smooth outer SuperFLEXi
hoses for the after market !

Smooth outer finish: 12 to 25mm ID
Castellated outer finish: 28mm ID and onwards
NOTE:44mm ID onwards is not so flexible due to wire and wall thickness. It will offer some mild angles, but will not bend into tight angles like ducting.

Fluoro and Nomex Lengths
Part numbers shown in the Fluoro section are in stock in Blue and Black only. Other colours and sizes not shown are made to order. Email for a quote.
All Nomex hoses are made to order. Please email for a quote. Minimum order requirements apply.

We recommend using T Bolt clamps with SuperFLEXi hoses, available on this site

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